Old Tibia features
Action scripts tutorial
Open Tibia Server - creation
Paladin guide lvl 8-30 (premium only)


Open Tibia Server for absolute beginners
Ultimate druid guide


Paladin guide: Making money
Paladin guide: Professional hunting - levels 61-80
Paladin guide: Graduated hunting rights - levels 40-60
Paladin guide: Main - levels 9-40
Paladin guide: The Infamous Rookgaard - levels 1-8


Fast leveling guide for sorcerers
Level 8-70 in 2 Months
Rook tutorial: Premium and Free


Addon items list
Quest outfit addons
Quest outfits
Tibia premium account addons
Tibia Premium Account outfits
Non premium account addons
Free Tibia account outfits
Ots map quests - otserv
Otserver - ot server general


Tibia Sorcerer Tutorial
Basic Tibia ots tutorials
Getting equipment in rookgaard fast


Knight's guide for premmys
Premium Account Guide
Becoming good knight



Tibia Pic Editor


New servers - opening hours


Tibia History
Druid Tutorial


PK char tutorial
Leveling and Money making
Guide to level paladin
FAQ about skill training
Druid Guide
Surviving PK encounter as low level
How to train a Knight
Getting off Rookgaard fast
Green Djinn Quest


Która profesja?
Tibia without lag
Simple tutorials for Tibia 7.6
Making items on GM
Easy way to make a restarter
Spell making
Making And Maintaining A Good OT
How to become a good mapper
How to make conjured items
How to start Tibia 7.5 server
How to make cheat mode
How to make quests
Custom monsters
Make PVP arena
How to create NPC
How to make a god char
How to make a restarter
How to make GMs on your server
Level door
OTS - Teleport rune
How to make a simple quest
Making house on OTS
Creating houses on OTS - YurOTS 9.3
Making spells on OTS
Easy Way To Put Custom Monsters On Your Editor
Hot to make bosses
How to make a GM character
Food Guide
How to use Tibiamovie for OT (7.6)
Special monster spawns
Tibia 7.6 Multi Client - Legal Lighthack
Account Maker and Router
Tibia Account Maker
Port Forwarding
How to make a 7.6 Ot
Basic Mapping
Scripting a house
How to do quest with actions
How to change the attack speed
How to use a No-ip.com to redirect to your server
How to compile OTS
Tibia 13.37
Tibian Server 7.6