Old Tibia features

Can any of you remember the old features or bugs (whether you think they were good or bad...) from around 7.1 and a little+ era?

List of everything that was in old Tibia:

  • Being able to boat while pz locked

  • Monster didnt switch or run diag

  • When you stand on someone they cant heal

  • Cant move up onto roof using parcels if someone is there, but can levitate

  • Can use vita after healing (for a double heal)

  • Summons give user full exp

  • No wands

  • No runes in shops = old community prices (sd 4k, uh 2k, hmm 1k, gfb 2.2k)

  • Bursts exhaust you

  • Monster summons give exp (skellsy off of beholders etc)

  • Cant rope if mwl / person is there on the hole

  • Have to drag yourself diag

  • Lvl 15 to make sd, lvl 11 to make uh

  • No worms for fishing

  • Sorc ue at lvl 34

  • Spears never break, but they drop

  • Being able to switch defensive / offensive attack during fights with no delay for knights (hit full attack, switch and block full defensive right before being hit)

  • No "sorry not possible"

  • No delay on fishing

  • No stamina

  • No soulpoints

  • No new pally ammo

  • Old magic and damage system

  • Sio heals over walls

  • Cant smash boxes with a weapon

  • Cant walk over stacked boxes

  • Boats not PZ

  • Can sd yourself

  • Haste lasts longer

  • Slower mana

  • Less mana for spells

  • No port hope / ank / new lands (which means no djinns)

  • Old outfits so no addons

  • No aimbot

  • No autosend on spells

  • Can push monsters bodies after they die and loot no matter who you are

  • Can block spawns above and below where u stand

  • No anti spam bull~~~~ (mute etc)

  • Can write acc number without warning

  • Monsters dont run when red

  • No limit on trade chat messages

  • Can stand on counters with stuff under you

  • Cant walk over tables / chests

  • Edron single demon spawn in the quest didnt have a ramp up

  • Venore drags accesable via south gate parceling up

  • Skull system does not ban (or maybe no skull system and the old amulet of life)

  • No multi coloured bps along with all the new graphics

  • No quest boxes = old 'once only' quests (the tombs, horned helmet, demon legs/medusa shield/guardian axe/dwarven axe, naginta, crystal wand, magican hat etc etc)

  • No built in light hack

Taken from World Of Tibia forum thread.

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