Open Tibia Server - creation

Here is my attempt to make a tutorial how to make your own OTserver.
This tutorial does NOT include compiling and relatives, even though compiling and coding on your own, will make the best result.

Open Tibia Server Tutorial, phase 1:1.

Ofcourse, the first thing you do is download a server, I have chosen a few, if you did not yet download a binary. (Binary = A exe. file, the completion of compiling.)

Here are the links to the download sections for the latest servers:

Tutorial, phase 1:2.
Can be skipped..

If you just begin, you should use YurOTs NPCs, something else which is important, is also that YurOTs is a OTserv compiled with source codes from many diffrent coders. (ex. I don't think Darkonia has as many coders.)

Open Tibia Server Tutorial, phase 1:3.

A good example is to read the README in every program before you launch it, so, do that!
I believe there is a file called "config.lua" in every OTserver. You need to change this after your own choices, might be hard in the beginning, but you will get to it, what you want to have diffrent, that is.
What you should change in the beginning is although, the connect IP should be either which is default. This is the IP adress you connect to, with your tibian client.
If you want your OTserver to be public, you should change this:

-- ip -- the ip the server should redirect too ip = ""

You have to change it to your external (or public) ip adress, you can find that here:
If you write any other IP adress, I doubt anyone will be able to connect to your server.
Players will then get a tibia client error which says something like:

"Invalid server adress".

Open Tibia Server Tutorial, endphase 1:4.

In phase 1:# you have gotten easy information how to quickly release your server to the public.

Open Tibia Server Tutorial, phase 2:1.

How to make your IP permament! (So people can connect whatever your router changes your IP to.

1) Go into
2) Register and reserve a no-ip adress. (This can take about 1 hour before It's complete but It will be good.
3) Fill it in on config.lua like this:

-- the ip the server should redirect too ip = "what u just"

Open Tibia Server Tutorial, phase 3:1, FAQ.

Q: When I've made a character; I can't login because my character always come to the queue.
A: If you have changed map, an easy solution to this is to find a new couple of coordinates. What I mean is that you should replace in a player file with other coordinates.

Q: I can't connect to my external IP adress!
A: But ofcourse you can't. I said it in the tutorial; A hoster should always use while connecting to his/her own server.
Get a friend to help you test your new no-ip adress.

Q: Question
A: Answer

Have fun! and if you need more help cuase this tutorial sux post here. (i didnt make this don't have the time to make a better one)

Author: JaJA

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