Paladin guide lvl 8-30 (premium only)

Lvl 8-10, M-Lvl 3

If you are lvl 8 on rook, go to darashia.
First of all, look for scale armor and brass legs. You dont need more on your lvl.
Buy exiva then, because light-spell is unusual since a few updates (Options->Graphics->Advanced...Set ambient light to 100%)
make exiva "name (your name) in one of your hotkeys, i preffered F1.
Go to ankrahmun now, simply walk to there.
If u arrived in ankhrahmun, walk to the bank and deposit the rest money if u didnt do that already, and never forget to use your spells, never get full mana as it is a waste.
Get a few spears in ankrahmun and go to this larva cave here:

if u are there, make sure that no more than 2 larvas atk you.
Train here until 30-40 in distance and 20-30 in shielding and lvl 10 and m-lvl 2/3.
Buy "exura"! Its the most important spell until lvl 11 now!

Lvl 10-15, M-lvl 6

Okay, since you are lvl 10 now and have acceptable skills you can hunt in the peninsula tomb now which is located here:
The correct place where you have to dig is here:
If you are inside, hunt on the first hunting floor, the second is too hard, since there are mummys and crypts.
Kill all the snakes, skeletons, ghouls, larvas, poison spiders and the single scarab, and collect all the maces and swords, make a lootbag because you will need the cash for the promotion later.
Hunt here until you have 50/55 in distance, and 35/40 shielding (not so much because of running the monsters) and m-lvl 5/6
Buy "exura gran" now! The most important spell now!

Lvl 15-20, M-lvl 8

You are lvl 15 now, a mighty paladin who makes nice damage and can kill even scarabs now.
Go back in the larva cave where you started and go down on the second floor.
You will find lots of Scarabs there, if possible, lure them to the hole to go up and if you have low health just go up.
Fast leveling there, never forget to cast the spells.
hunt here until 55/60 in distance, 40/45 in shielding and m-lvl 7/8

Lvl 20

You are lvl 20 now, so the desert quest is awaiting you.
Get a crossbow, and travel to thais.
Look for a team and do the desert quest then.
If you saved enough money, go to King Tibianus and let him promote you.

Lvl 20-30, m-lvl 9/10

This is the part of the guide where the real fun begins.
Sell ur spears and buy hunting spears (if possible, if not just keep the spears)
and go to Edron Cyclopolis.
Yeah, right, Cyclopolis.
I made lvl 30 in 2 days, and around 25k profit from lootbags (depends on ur luck)
Be careful and run the monsters, so they dont hit you.
Its highly recommended that you keep a Emergency BP of GFB´s and UH´s so you dont die if u get trapped.
If you are lvl 25, buy royal spears. Your damage will be greatly increased and you will kill the monsters much faster.
Hunt in Cyclopolis since you are lvl 30, m-lvl 9/10 and 60+ in distance.
Buy noble armor if you have the money, and plate legs.
Author: DaManInDaCave

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