Scripting a house

First you need to create a house in you’r Map editor.
Then you must find out the coordinates for the front door, So that you can put it in a house script (i’ll talk moore about how to create a house script later)
After you have the front door coordinates then you need the house titles of the house, I suggest you start from the Left top of the house, take those coordinates, Write them down if you wish, Then take the coordinates from the bottom right corner of your house, Write them down aswell.
When you have done that to those houses you wish to use,
Then it’s time to create an house script. Go to your ot map > data > houses
Take an House script that already is there and copy it, Put it on the ex: desktop change the name to the house you wish to have, Then open the document with notepad, there you will see something like this:
<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<house><frontdoor x=”88” y=”42” z=”7”/><owner name=””/></house>
enter the front door coordinates of the house you wish to have.

Then it’s time to add the house in the House script and you do it like this:
Ot Map: > data > Houses, Open the document houses with notepad
where you will see lines like this:

<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<tiles fromx=”85” fromy=”34” fromz=”7” tox=”90” toy=”41” toz=”7”/>

Simply enter the coordinates you took from the corners in the house, Top Left first, then the bottom right.

Tips: Script up 5 houses at the time then try and start the server if you see an error concerning the houses, You must change the problem in the houses scripts (unless you entered the wrong front door position).

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