Paladin guide: Professional hunting - levels 61-80

BEHEMOTHS (Level 60 plus with at least 80 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

Located in the lowest level of Cycropolis, these beast are tricky to hunt. I would suggest a level 70 plus Knight with Behemoth experience as it's tricky luring them and someone can easily die. 2 or 3 shooters will do to kill them fast enough given that the blocker doesn't lure more than one. At higher levels you can block here and host group hunts reaping the rewards from the Behemoths in return for safe passage of the attackers and promise of free experience. It is possible to solo one around level 70, and involves using a shield and Sudden Death Runes standing at the steps taking the damage while dealing it. When you'r more experienced you can run around shooting one to take away from the damage taken but be careful not lure more and remember they have a ranged attack.
(Not a bad idea to bring a shield just incase the blocker dies and if your with a group manashield comes in handy as they do switch often)

DRAGON LORDS (Solo) (Level 60 plus with at least 80 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

At around level 60, but 70 suggested you can start hunting Dragon Lords solo. The best set up I have found is the one you can rope up in the Edron 10+ spawn Dragons south of Heros. You need to kill all the Dragons first in the main room. At lower levels it's not a bad idea to take some Sudden Death Runes just incase, you lure a extra Dragon while running it.
(Heavy Magic Missile Runes are suggested to speed up the kill)

DEMONS (Level 60 plus with at least 80 distance) <----(Possibility of incredible money maker)

I would suggest getting a level 65+ Knight to block for you or a high level Paladin with around 1000+ health with at least 2 more shooters. At higher levels you can go alone with a blocker and take all the experience. It is possible to solo a Demon around level 70 and I did so at level 71. The trick is to run the Partchment Room with Boots of Haste, Haste Spell and a Time Ring constantly running and using Sudden Death Runes. Stay diagonal to dodge the deadly Energy Beam and your first priority is to heal. It's expensive to solo one and quite a venture because the good chance of death.
(It's a good idea to use Magic Shield when ever possible)

DEEPER FIBULA (Level 70 plus with at least 80 distance) <----(Possible money maker)
(Solo or accompanied)

This place is tricky to solo with there being 15+ Dragons, and 4+ Dragon Lords. The are is extreamly large with plenty of objects you can use to your advantage to dodge the Fire Waves. Around level 70 you can solo it but bring plenty of supplies and know that 3 Dragon Lords block the exit so I hope your a good lurer if your going alone or have a experienced friend with you.

Author: Greaven

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