Paladin guide: Graduated hunting rights - levels 40-60

DWARF GUARDS (Level 40 plus with at least 70 distance) <----(Decent money maker)

Located to the south of Fermur hills, the caves look like mines. There is also a small mine located in the castle if you want to try them out. Dwarf Guard's are as easy as it gets for this vocation. At around level 40 with 70 distance you can start hunting them seriously. What I mean is you can make a profit around 70 distance. When you first start attempting I would bring some Great Fireball Runes and maybe even a shield when you first pop down the hole. People like to lure Dwarf Guards to the holes so that some unsuspecting person might pop down to their doom. This also occurs when someone is in a hurry to leave and they end up luring them to the hole. (POSTMANS QUEST RECOMENDED)

HYDRAS (Level 40 plus with at least 70 distance) <----(Usually big money maker)

Located in the jungles of Port Hope to the far north east, but it's easier to travel through the Ankrahmun mountains through the Hyenas spawn. Hydras are a moneymaker given the right set up and balance of a team. I wouldn't suggest trying to solo one though for the simple reason they heal so much. Depending on your world the smaller spawn might not be up to par for a decent team for the simple fact you'll kill them to fast. I would suggest at least 2-3 attackers and a level 50 Knight to block. A good mix is to throw in a Druid to heal the Knight with magic increases the time you can hunt and deducting the price on Ultimate Healing Runes. (Manashield is recommended)

NECROMANCERS (Level 40 plus with at least 75 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

You need to acquire 2 Convince Runes and use the Invisible Spell or a Stealth Ring to get to the bottom of the pyramid. I would suggest bringing a few backpacks of Heavy Magic Missile, as well as the essential Ultimate Healing Rune accompanied by a bag of bolts plus what you’re carrying. At the first grand spawn I would suggest having some Great Fireball Rune because Necromancers can be tricky and they heal fast, being able to kill the creatures fast saves you healing and the possibility of death. The North spawn is has 5 Necromancer where is to the south there’s a few wandering Demon Skeletons that lead to a double Necromancer spawn to the southeast and a 3 spawn to the southwest, in between the 2 and 3 spawn lies the entrance to Vampire Hell as well as a family of Demon Skeletons. The idea is simple, keep at least one Demon Skeleton in between you and the Necromancer your fighting to take the damage while you bolt and possibly use Heavy Magic Missile Runes depending on how much money your willing to spend. Spread the charges out shooting just a few per Hydra to increase your experience pull which adds up after hours of hunting.
(Bring some support runes like Heavy Magic Missiles for the Ghost)

DRAGONS (Level 45 plus with at least 75 distance) <----(Decent money maker)

Dragon's are great for Paladin's because we can kill them with little effort and minor waste. I would suggest using Intense Healing and manafluids instead of healing runes to make it more profitable. The Ankrahmun spawns are easy with plenty of space to run around. Venore Dragons is a nice place also if it isn't camped. Try to keep at a diagonal position from the Dragon to dodge it's Firewave. Dragons run in red so chase them but try to stay diagonal since they continue attacking and sometimes spam attacks. It is also entirely possible to camp Dragons with 2 convinced Demon Skeleton's but be sure to bring Intense Healing Runes to heal them.
(Take some Heavy Magic Missile Runes to kill them faster and increase your experience gain)

DRAGON LORDS (Level 45 plus with at least 75 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

At around this level I wouldn't suggest trying to solo one though it is possible. Venore Dragon tower to the south of Venore is a nice place for a set up. Have the Knight stand at a diagonal direction to dodge the Fire Waves. A good idea to take some Heavy Magic Missiles because Dragon Lords have good defense and you want to draw as much experience as possible. They are hard to kill with one shooter so I suggest having at least 2 or 3 shooters.

BLACK KNIGHTS (Level 50 plus with at least 80 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

Located to the north of Venore in a Broken Down House with swamps around it. You can either run with Boots of Haste and Haste while bolting or use a few Sudden Death Runes. If you decide to use Sudden Death Runes I suggest using a shield. You need to find the key in a dead true near the Black Knight Villa. At 50 it would increase your chance of profit by having a Knight block and possibly add a Druid to heal and support. Black Knights hit hard if they can catch you which is almost promised seeing as they are quite fast. They throw spears as ranged combat also.
(Bring a few Great Fireball Runes to clear the other creatures in the Black Knight Spawn or you could get in trouble)

VAMPIRE HELL (Level 55 plus with at least 80 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

Located to the south of the 2 and 3 spawn Necromancers in western Darashia. You'll need to make it past all the Ghost and Demon Skeletons to get to the Vampires. The spawn starts out like 1-2 and then keeps increases till it eventually leads to 5 at the last spawn. Make sure to bring manafluids to refill your mana, which you will be using to heal the Paralyze. You can use Heavy Magic Missile Runes also and are a must to kill the Ghost.
(I would suggest bringing some Great Fireball Runes for the 5 spawn to the north and just incase you get in a sticky situation)

Author: Greaven

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