Paladin guide: Main - levels 9-40

Welcome to main an interesting place of arrival, full of many Quests, Puzzles and Mysteries to unravel. In my opinion it's best to be a Premium player when playing a Paladin for the simple reason there is a much broader creature class to hunt which is a key advantage since this vocation can kill almost anything solo with out much problem with the exceptions to the new creatures implemented like the boss's and even newer creatures in the more unknown parts.

Your first priority should be to buy either the Light Spell or the Find Person Spell, keep in mind that the Light Spell is outdated with implementation of ambient light. The update helped Paladin's since they couldn't hold light sources and had to resort to spells using magic points. I would personally start out in Darashia seeing as Paladin's can buy spells at the local magic shop located in central Darama and the Magic Carpet is moderately cheap. The particular none playable character your looking for is Razan. Your next move is really your choice as long as it involves trolls and assorted low-level creatures or training. Upgrading your equipment would also be a smart investment keeping in mind your only fighting Trolls so anything better than rook equipment will do fine. My suggestion is to go buy Scale Armor, do the BRASS LEGS QUEST, buy a Dwarven Shield, Scarf and maybe a Steel Helmet.

Edron is my place of choice with the Edron Trolls being a great source of free spears and a BRASS LEGS QUEST which is quite nice considering what your fighting. A decent distance to train to would be 60, since at this skill your accuracy is decent enough to start making a small profit at least enough to buy your supplies back with. Realistically I know no one likes picking up spear after spear all day, so 50 distance is good enough to start hunting with a Bow. At 50 distance you may or may not make a profit back using your Bow depending on what you hunt.

Arrows are your best choice at a low level seeing as they’re cheaper. The transition to Bolts is your choice but I wouldn't suggest doing so before distance 70 otherwise you might not be able to make enough profit to pay for your supplies, the bulk of the money being Bolts. It is entirely possible and not looked down upon to continue using Arrows because it can save a lot of money. I use a combination of both really with distance 85. Arrows for average creatures and Bolts for stronger creatures like Dragons or any type of group hunt because I want the most experience.

At some points after you reach level 20 you should begin thinking about getting a Promotion. A Promotion increase your magic and health regeneration as well as decrease your loss of experience from 10 percent to 7 percent of your total experience. A good idea is to save your money from the DESERT DUNGEON QUEST. This is a great investment but not your number one priority, the advantage I like is it speeds up your magic advances.

I would suggest settling down and hunting around until about level 40. This is a good time to start looking in to the Invisible Spell. Your magic level is extremely important though because it builds the foundation to the highly anticipated magic spell rune called Sudden Death. The Sudden Death Rune opens up the ability to hunt stronger creatures solo, which most Paladins including myself pride themselves.

Hunting Areas

(No point in telling you exactly where to hunt as that wouldn't be your choice so I just consolidated a list of a few places I personally have hunted at.)

GIANT SPIDER TOMB (Level 13 plus with at least 50 distance) <----(Money maker at lower levels)

Located under the large stone with the Giant Spider on it , to the far north of Ankrahmun or to the west of the ramp from Darashia.This tomb to me is ideal being as you get food from the Hyenas and the hardest creature you face is a Ghoul. With all the Skeleton's this makes for a perfect place to make a loot bag. Good idea to carry a parcel on you to send in town so you don't have to drag it to the depot and potentially thieves. Most of the second level is also prime hunting with the exception one of the north hallways which has a interesting room that includes a Mummy, Stalker, a Demon Skeleton and some more creatures if my memory servers me correctly.

PENINSULA TOMB (Level 13 plus with at least 50 distance) <----(Money maker at lower levels)

Located to the southwest of Ankrahmun on a little Peninsula near the water. The idea is to clear the first level clearing the southern most portions and the eastern most portions. To the north there is a Scarab spawn which can prove sticky at this level but possible. Not sure what’s over to the far left but if my memory serves me correctly it might be a Mummy and Demon Skeleton spawn.

MOUNT STERNUM (Level 15 plus with at least 55 distance)

Located to the northeast of Thais, this is home to a decent spawn of Cyclops's above the ground up ramps and down a ladder on the far side of the mountain. When hunting and luring the Cyclops's make sure not to get trapped by a wall or maybe another player trying to kill you. Not a bad place to hunt at a low level if it's not full of low levels. A nice Ghoul spawn is at the bottom as well as a complex system of caves that connect to Kazordoon Mines. Be weary exploring the areas past the Ghoul hole as a Giant Spider roams the caves and a single Fire Elementle spawn. There is also a single spawn Dwarf Geomancer protected by a Dwarf Guard.

GRAVEYARD (Level 15 plus with at least 55 distance) <----(Decent money maker)

An old hunting spot located below the Necromancer House in the Plains of Havoc. If it hasn't changed then it should be full of Ghouls, Skeletons and a few Demon Skeletons. The combination makes for decent loot, or it use to at least being one of the prime spots to power game a new Paladin in a new world. The loan problem is your must drag your loot bag to parcel it, either to the Outlaw Camp or all the way to a town.

DWARF SOLDIERS (Level 20 plus with at least 55 distance) <----(Decent money maker)

Located to the south of Fermur hills, there usually a few levels down. They are sometimes accompanied by Dwarf Guards so be careful. A group of them can kill you fast seeing as you have no shield and also they use bolts as a distance attack. Careful dragging your loot as a lot of bags litter the ground making it easy to loose your loot.

DWORCS (Level 25 plus with at least 60 distance) <----(Money maker)

Located to the far south of Port Hope with holes littering the ground but hidden. So you wonder why Dworcs? The reason is Dworcs are easy with good money and a low chance of dieing. I'm not suggesting you do what I did but I had 40 swording and I could one hit them with a Bright Sword giving me all gain at no loss. I got my shielding up using a Ghoul because it was so much easier since it was on my time after I could convince them. It's also decent experience at around 20K a hour. The strange little items they drop are worth their weight in gold ranging from 250gp to 750gp. They also drop a rare dress called a Bask Skirt which is part of the Sweaty Cyclops Quest in Ab'dendriel for the OBSIDEN KNIFE QUEST. If I didn't have 40 swording I would have to advise you to drag some arrows there and kill them collecting the throwing knifes and using them, keeping your expenses down. With that said I would suggest killing the Voodoo Masters first after acquiring some Dwarven Rings because the Voodoo Masters cast Paralyze, Poison and make you Drunk. Your going to be Poisoned around 99 percent of the time so no use in curing it, might as well save it to use Intense Healing unless the Poison is from a Voodoo Master which is around 4-5 damage.

PLAINS OF HAVOC CYCLOPS (Level 30 plus with 70 distance)

The Cyclops's in the Plains of Havoc make for a nice bit of experience. To the south are roaming undead creatures including Ghouls, Demon Skeletons and Skeletons. There are Orcs to the farther south and also Hunters. The worst of your worries is the infamous Giant Spider spawns scattered below the Cyclops's, so be careful. There is a ramp in the Cyclops camp that leads down a hole with a lot of Minotaur class creatures along with Cyclops's. A daily weapon spawn is located in this cave so you can take advantage and make some free money. If you should go for the spawn I would suggest going invisible, seeing as going down and running is nearly impossible and will lead to a loss of profit through healing.
(Beware of the Minotaur Archers and encampment of Minotaur on your way down)

MINTWALLEN (Level 30 plus with at least 65 distance) <----(Biggest money maker)

Located in the Old Temple to the north of Thais. You must walk a through a long complex tunnel and past Poisen Fields or a single Dragon spawn.The hardest part about hunting in this place is actually being able to get the spawn since everyone always wants to hunt there. The initial spawn at the front gate can be a bit tricky with the Minotaur Archers, Minotaurs and Minotaur Mages, accompanied by Minotaur Guards all at one time which can make for a rude awakening if you rush in. The idea is to lure as few Minotaurs as possible from the entrance back down to the bridge. You can rope the Minotaur Mages up at the front gate to the third level and not have to worry about them. If you can find the keys displaced around the town you can lure the Minotaur Mages up the stairs in Thrown Room to the ledge outside or the tower to the south of the room. If you haven't done the POSTMANS QUEST don't say anything to Markwin the guy that looks like a Minotaur mage, because he summons alot of different Minotaurs at once which is part of the quest. (Bring some food or a Fishing Rod and Worms, also if possible get a Obsiden Knife seeing as Minotaur Leather can sell for a decent amount in bulk)

CYCROPOLIS (Level 30 plus with at least 65 distance) <----(Decent money maker)

Located to the northeast of Edron, Cycropolis hence the name is full of Cyclops's as well as other interesting creatures like Dwarf Guards and Dwarf Soldiers. A collection of Orcs is located on the first floor to the far northeastern corner as well as a assortment Elf Arcanist and Elf Scouts so I wouldn't suggest exploring this area. The first level is easy if you can get past the stairs at the beginning, which can be tricky, so bring a few Great Fireball Runes to clean the Cyclops's and the 3 Dwarf Soldier's complete with a Dwarf Guard. (Side note careful wandering in the forest as there is a Hunter camp to the northwest of the trail to Cycropolis)

HEROS (Level 35 plus with at least 70 distance) <----(Possible money maker)

Located to the north western parts of northern Edron, it's to the north of Edron 9 spawn Dragons. One of the hardest parts about Hero’s is actually making it to them. A hunters camp guards the entrance to begin with followed by Demon Skeletons, Priestesses, more hunters, Beholders, Monks and finally a 3 spawn Dragon. I would suggest 2-3 shooters and a blocker around level 40. You could also take some Explosion Runes for sticky situations on entry and exits. An idea that also works is going Invisible with the spell or ring then casting hast to run past all the creatures except the dragons. There is a 1 spawn and a 2 spawn Hero along with groups scattered across rooms off to the side of the hallway to the Annihilator where it’s possible to rope them up.
(Make sure to bring food, as it’s a little scarce down here)

Author: Greaven

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