Paladin guide: The Infamous Rookgaard - levels 1-8

A Paladin to me is in the words of the great Xanadu himself, " Mostly a loan wolf". Give an experienced Paladin enough supplies and he can perform almost any task solo. A Paladin can block as good as a Knight with the noted exception of the Challenge Spell, but their shielding advances at the same rate. People actually say a good Paladin is a better blocker than a Knight for the simple fact they understand the shooters point of view and can heal for more. It's expensive with Arrows and Bolts in the beginning, leaving you to wonder when you'll actually make money. The answer is after level 40 and distance 70 you'll be an efficient enough killer.

My Two Cents

Try to keep in mind that I've played my entire career as a Premium player so I naturally neglected a free area guide for my obvious absents of experience in this field. I'm level 72 at the moment playing in the world of Premia. Always remember that panicking is the worst idea in stressful situations as well as tense moments, try to stay focused even in sudden death situation. You would be surprised to find out how often you can make it out alive by simple choices like healing instead of running or healing the blocker first and throwing on a Energy Ring giving you time to heal. A little advice is to always carry a few backpacks of Ultimate Healing Runes but mainly heal with magic to help your magic level. Using spells like Intense Healing instead of Ultimate Healing when possible saves money on mana fluids.

The Infamous Rookguard

(Levels 1-8)

This simple little venture can be as hard or as easy as you wish. The first time I visited this place it took me 8 days to get to Main but by the second time it took me all but 56 minutes. I usually sell Rats to Tom The Tanner to get some basic equipment and a Shovel, which is usually best, accompanied by a Rope but realistically they are a little expensive together. There is a Rope that spawns once a day at the Orc Spearmen single spawn in the Troll cave to the western Premium area across the bridge to the southern direction of All'Dees shop. It's usually a pretty good gamble to wander around the free area hunting spawns such as the Old House to the north of the free town and acquiring free equipment from the dead creatures that litter the cave floors. There are various quests at the holes and ladders in the Old House but be weary of lured creatures and traps set by people. There are is also a CHAIN ARMOR QUEST followed by the CARLIN SWORD QUEST to the north past some Minos in the lower levels of the Old House. It's easy enough to acquire Leather Pants in the shop along with a Wooden Shield or maybe a Leather Helmet. Buying Leather Armor isn't a bad investment in the beginning but quickly becomes outdated with the introduction of Chain Armor or Studded Armor. If you can make it to the Goblin cave in the western Premium area, it can make for some pretty decent experience if you have strong enough skills to kill them, also I would bring some food. Your weapon class in rook doesn't really matter seeing as you will be using your distance in Main and it advances faster with the choosing of a vocation in main, given that you chose the Paladin as your destiny. Using spears in Rookguard is a waste of time since it advances faster in Main and they are harder to obtain in Rookguard for the simple reason Trolls are slow to die. Simply get new equipment as fast as possible until you can successfully kill Trolls. Go visit the Oracle to choose your visit with the advancement of level 8.

Training and Magic Information

Training is like a burden that most people accept as a sort of coming with the territory. Training is always a advantage with the notable exception to doing so in Rookguard. There is no magical level to start training because the better your skills the faster you can level in a sense. With each skill earned your damage and accuracy increases which in turn gradually reduces your Bolt and Arrow usage making for a increased profit.

Now the fun comes with the wonderful task of picking up Spear after Spear after Spear for hour after hour. If you haven't guessed I was being sarcastic, training is really annoying but the good thing is all you really need is distance 70 for graduated hunting but distance 80 is what your shooting for being the ideal distance in my mind. Training is simple enough before distance 80. Get a nice Mage friend to summon a Monk or 2 and you buy a decent amount of Spear at least a few hundred along with plenty of food which in turn makes for a decent training experience. In Tibia all avatars can block only 2 opponents at a time (A exception to this is the Halloween Hare) so with this in mind think about it like this. If you attack the Monk it has a chance to block your attack alone, so if you where to lure 2 weak creatures to attack the Monk, it in a sense breaks the shielding leaving it open to your attack giving you a higher hit percentage which means more blood hits. From what I've heard but not tested, blood hits count for more towards a advance in distance fighting. The training is boring but it goes by fast and you might even grow interested in training because of the ease prompting you to continue on. At around distance 70 it becomes harder to train on Monks because you do much more damage and the Monk can't heal fast enough to negate the damage being delt. When you have enough mana also you can convince Dark Monks in the Dark Cathedral and use either Spears and even Throwing stones come in handy if you've collected enough. In Player Verse Player servers you can train with other people also. I would suggest a Paladin around your level or a higher level Knight. It's easier to train with a Paladin in my opinion since they use thier own powerful magic spells to heal. You should be ready to change your styles of fighting that include, defensive, balanced and full attack to reach a balanced form of damage dealt and recieved. Equipment has a lot to do with training also so be ready to change it around to suit yourself and your training buddy.

So what about shielding? I got my shielding up using a Ghoul because it was so much easier since it was on my time after I could convince them. When spears started breaking I begun using a sword to train with. It's not really a major need, but it's come in handy for me plenty of times blocking creatures. It's really nothing to carry a Demon Shield on you just incase the Knight dies because you may need to take on the role as blocker or make a hasty exit and being able to block extra damage can save your life. Having a shield is great when a high level Knight is attacking you with a weapon with 45+ attack. Keep mind healing is the number one priority.

Skill list

Blood and Spark % 1-30 (So figure anytime inbetween) Credits to Pskonejott for his skills calculator which I used for this list and you can find more detailed info at his website.

Skill------Total Time at 30%------Total Time at 1%
30-------52m--------------------1h 1m
40-------2h 28m-----------------2h 54m
50-------6h 35m-----------------7h 42m
60-------17h 9m-----------------20h 4m
70-------44h 17m----------------51h 50m
80-------113h 58m---------------133h 25m

(All times are a total so it's the new time plus the older time added together to make a total)

Magic level list

Credits to Erig and his magic level calculator which I used for this list and you can find more interesting information as well as more calculators and a link to Tibi Wiki a great website to visit also brought to you by him.

Magic level---Mana for advance--Time with Promotion--Time with Unpromoted
0-1----------1,600--------------40m-----------------53m 20s
1-2----------2,240--------------56m-----------------1h 14m 40s
2-3----------3,132--------------1h 18m 18s----------1h 44m 24s
3-4----------4,388--------------1h 49m 42s----------2h 26m 16s
4-5----------6,144--------------2h 33m 36s----------3h 24m 48s
5-6----------8,604--------------3h 35m 6s-----------4h 46m 48s
6-7----------12,042-------------5h 1m 6s------------6h 41m 28s
7-8----------16,864-------------7h 1m 36s-----------9h 22m 8s
8-9----------23,612-------------9h 50m 18s----------13h 7m 4s
9-10---------33,056-------------13h 46m 24s---------18h 21m 52s
10-11--------46,280-------------19h 17m-------------1d 1h 42m 40s
11-12--------64,792-------------1d 2h 59m 48s-------1d 11h 59m 44s
12-13--------90,708-------------1d 13h 47m 42s------2d 2h 23m 36s
13-14--------126,992------------2d 4h 54m 48s ------2d 22h 33m 4s
14-15 -------177,792------------3d 2h 4m 48s--------4d 2h 46m 24s

Author: Greaven

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