Level 8-70 in 2 Months

This method is outdated, though.

-Tibia Bot NG
-Premium Account

Step 1.- In Rookguard you should have selected, Spears, Club, Sword, Axe. Once in Main Get better Eq. Ex. Scale Armor Quest, Light House Quest etc. I recomend starting of in Thais Getting Light Spell and 'Exiva" then using money you should've collected in rookguard(1k Mimimum) to go to edron.

Step 2.-Levels 8-15(8-17 IF SORC/DRUID)
Set Tibia Bot NG to pickup loot and worms depending on voc/spears. go to Edron Troll Caves and sep a way point in every dead end and cross road.(Multie Floors Aswell). Let tibia Bot NG play for about 1 day(took me a couple hours) And by then you should have 2k + Worms(Note: Also befor you start get Bags). Sell your odl eq and buy Better ones with your money.(DO NOT FORGET SPELLS/SKILLS)

Step 3.-15/17-30
Darashia Larva's From lev 15-30 should get you 10k, once again set waypoints(multie Floors[DO NOT FORGET ALERTS!!]) This will tak a couple of days possibly a week depending on how often you bot. You Should Be aware of what you must do depending on your voc make sure food is on auto eat, and if your 25+ make hmms for extra cash(Stocks are the best).

step 4.- 30-40
Ml Should be in the 40s, For Sorc/Druids, Skills in the 60s since, you wern't training. Darashia/Ankh Tombs, are the best places for these levels, Reasons? No One Ever goes to tombs. Once again set the bot with everything on Alerts,Pickup,Heal,Eat etc.. let it play for about 2 weeks Make sure you from time to time buy spells runes uhes etc..

Step 5.- 40-70 Final Chalenging Step Envolving you to play......a bit
Get ALOT OF UHES. go to Dwarf Mines, (Note: This shoudl take 1 month) make sure you ahve a fire sword crown shield and plate set use rest money for UHES. spend some time in dwarfs and once u get about lev 55. move on to Cycopolis. at Cycopolis spend your time to lev 70 and form then on your on your own...

Hope you enjoyed my way of leveling, i'm currently level 88 in uhm 2 and a half months :p and i used a different but but its not as good as tibia bot NG.

Author: fancypants

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