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Because of the huge list and because it may be you dont know what the addons look like ive added a huge grid here for your help. Its numbered like the list and should be helpful. The list details not completely finished but most is added and will help you for the easier addons. If your wondering why its a grid its because i wont have enough space to add each image individually and add all the addons screenshots.

Addon list screenshot

Full items list to help locate things needed for addons and outfits

1 Ape fur- used for begger addon (gypsey and beard) and oriental addon (veil and turban) is found on apes such as kongra, merlkin and sibangs in Banuta (Tiquanda.)

2 Bat wing- used for Begger outfit quest and tiara addon non premy mage. is found in bats in various spawns such as Thais sewers, Tiquanda jungle, Meriana and Mount Sternum.

3 Bear paw- used for druid gloves addon and maybe other addons. Found in bears on rook, north of thais, south of thais, and various other places.

4/5 Behemoth claw/fang- The fangs for the knight helmet addon and the claw for another. Found in behemoths located in Edron mainly cycopolis.

6 Beholder eye- used for assassin outfit quest. Found in Beholders located north of thais, in the desert dungeon, in the beholder quest near thais and other places.

7 Blue piece of cloth- used for an addon. Found in blue djinn and marid. Aka north of ankrahmun in the djinn tower near the stone golems.

8 Brown piece of cloth- used for begger outfit quest. Found in ghouls, located in thais, on the way to mintwallin, edron and ghostlands im guessing and various tombs near ankrahmun.

9 Chicken feather- used for citizens hat addon. Found in chickens and located northport, greenshore and liberty bay.

10/ 11 Demon dust/horn- used for addons. Found in demons once a blessed stake has been used. The horn is lootable from Demons and are found only in Edron unless you count Orshabaal or Morgaroth or even the trapped demon in liberty bay (no access to it yet.)

12 Eye patch- used for sabre pirate addon. Located in Pirate marudas and cutthroats in Nargor.

13 Fish fin- used in assassin outfit quest and veil addon. Located in the Quarra race found underwater in Calassa.

14 Giant spider silk- used for tiara addon mage and probablly others. Located in Giant spiders which are found in Plains of havok, Ankrahmun tombs, and Darashia.

15/16 Dragon scale/leather- used for various addons, the claws for female warrior spike. Found in Dragons or using an obsidian knife. They are located, thais, greenshore,ank,in certain tombs and venore.

17 Green piece of cloth- used for barbarian addon and others. Located in Efreet and Green djinn, found in the tower with scorpians along the Khazeel mountains.

18 Hardened Bone- used for warrior addon. Looted in bone beasts. Located in deeper tombs.

19/20 Heaven Blossoms/holy orchid- used for addons and begger outfit. Located in Shadowthorn and north of thais near mount sternum.

21 Hook- Used for sabre pirate addon. Looted in pirate marauder/cutthroat/buccaneer. Found in Nargor

22 Honeycomb- used for the feather hat addon. Found in Bears and Wasps. The wasps are located mainly in darashia or ab'dendriel.

23 Iron Ore- used for warrior and knight addons. Located Dwarf, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard, Stone Golem. The dwarfs are found in Kazadoon and the golems south of darashia.

24/25 Lizard Leather/scale- used for addons and outfits like feather tiara pally. Located in Lizard Sentinel, Lizard Templar, Lizard Snakemer which are in Chor in Tiquanda.

26 Minotaur Leather- Used for backpack addon and begger outfit. Looted and cut in Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, and Minotaur Mage. Located in Mintwallin and Darashia.

27 Peg Leg- Used for sabre pirate addon. Found in Pirate Marauder, Pirate Cutthroat in Nargor.

28/29 Red Dragon Leather/ scale- used for addons. Located in Dragon Lords found in Venore or tombs.

30 Red Piece of Cloth- used for barbarian addon. Looted in Hero and found in Edron.

31 Sniper Gloves- Used for sniper gloves addon paladin. Looted in Hunter found in Edron or Thais.

32/33 Turtle Shell/egg- Used for warrior addon and others. Looted in Tortoise and thornback tortoise they are found on the Islands nicknamed turtle islands.

34 Vampire Dust- used for assassin outfit quest. 'Cut' from Vampire. Found in Darashia or tombs or even past Dark Cathedral.

35 White Piece of Cloth- for addons. Looted in Ghost located same places as vamps.

36 Wolf Paw- Used for druid glove addons. Looted in Wolfs, War Wolfs found in Rook, north of Thais and various other places across the map.

37 Yellow Piece of Cloth- Used for addons. Looted in Mummies and Ghost. Found in tombs and ghostlands near Carlin.

Boss addon drops

38 Mandrake- used for shaman staff addon. Looted in Tiqunada's Revenge found randomly in Tiqunadas jungle.

39 Soul stone- Used for the summoner wand addon, Is looted in Necropharius. spawns in orimental shield room spawn.

40 Nose ring- Used for assassin addon. Looted in the Horned Fox.

41 Dragon claw- used for warrior addon. Looted in Demondras.

Forging materials

Made by sweaty cyc

42 Draconian steel- one dragon shield - uth'lokr

43 Hell steel- one devil helmet

44 Magic Suphur- three fireswords

45 Crude Iron- one giant sword

46 Royal steel- one crown armor

Made by Djinn

47 Enchanted chicken wing- one pair of boots of haste

48 flask of warriors sweat- four warrior helmets

49 fighting spirit- two royal helmets

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