Quest outfit addons

Beggar Outfit Addons

The first addon for the male is a beard, the first female addon is a gypsy outfit and necklace. You will need to talk to simon the beggar and have

* 100 ape fur
* 20k

The second addon for the beggar outfit is the same for both sexs. You will need to retrieve

* simon's favrourite staff

Which is found in the hero cave north of edron give it him back and he gives you his spare staff.

Shaman Outfit Addons

To get the voodoo doll staff addon, you will need 5 voodoo dolls from voodoo masters and a root called mandrake. Talk to Chondor on Meriana aka Pegleg after youve done Rays missions. The mask addon has not yet been discovered yet.

Pirate Outfit Addons

To gain the first addon which is the pirate hat, speak to Ariella and you will need-

* Lissy the Lethal's shirt
* Ron the Ripper's sabre
* Deadeye Devious's eye patch
* Brutus Bloodbeard's hat

To get the 2nd addon of the sword, (cutlus) speak to Duncan, you will need-

* 100 peglegs
* 100 hooks
* 100 eyepatches

Assassin addons

To get the head gear, you will need-
# 50 Blue Piece of Cloths
# 50 Green Piece of Cloths
# 50 Red Piece of Cloths
# 50 Brown Piece of Cloths
# 50 Yellow Piece of Cloths
# 50 White Piece of Cloths
# 10 Spider Silk Yarns

To get the sabre/sword or whatever its called-

* the horned fox's nose ring
* one behe claw (apprantly)

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