Quest outfits

Theres 4 outfits to gain through quests. These are assassin, begger, pirate and shaman. There is 2 addons currently for each. The addons and outfits are different to each other, from collcting items or to finish quests. The easiest i feel is Beggar and the hardest being Shaman.

* 20 pieces of brown cloth
* 10 bat wings
* 30 heaven blossoms
* 50 minotuar leather
* You must talk to Hugo in Venore in the clothes shop and once the items have been given, wait exactly 24 hours.

Assassin outfit

Head over to Tiquanda with a vial of beer and find the hut north of port hope with Vescu inside. Drink the beer and talk to him about potions to help hangovers. You will need various things for the potion-

* 30 beholder eyes
* 10 red dragon scales
* 30 lizard scales
* 20 fish fins
* 20 ounces of vampire dust
* 10 ounces of demon
* 1 flask of warrior's sweat

The shaman outfit is gained as a reward from ther Banuta quest.

To get the outfit, first do Eleonore's tasks to get to pegleg island known properly as Meriana. Complete all the tasks the islanders give you. Speak to Raymond Striker and follow is instructions. Once you have done all he has asked (such as infiltrating the pirate bass of nargor) you will be given you own model ship and be granted to wear your own pirate outfit.

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