Tibia premium account addons

There are loads of premium account addons and many are different. Some outfits may look ugly and some may look really cool. But addons are usually very hard to get or time consuming or even expensive. One may cost loads of money all together or spend weeks gathering whats needed.

Noblemen and lady outfits

Obtained through Irmana in Venore's clothes shop top floor.

* 150k for the skirt,
* 150k for the hat,
* 150k for the top hat
* 150k for the waist coat.

Thats a whopping 300k for both addons. Only buy if your loaded or really want to show off.

Druid addons

To get the bear/wolf skin head

you must speak to Ceiron who is east before the Ab'dendriel gates.

You will need-

* a sample of griffenclaw flower
* a sample of magic hydra water from new hydra spawn
* 100 demon dust
* ceiron's wolf tooth chain from orc fort

Females wear white wolf gloves and a white wolf skin on their head.

Nody is wearing the wolf gloves, Apatia is wearing the bear head, Ustan the bear gloves and gnomo mind has the full male druid set.

To get the gloves-

* 50 bear paws
* 50 wolf paws

from the Npc Ustan.

Barbarian addons

This addon set is one of my favourites, i may not have it myself, but the story line to get it makes me smile.

You talk to Bron in northport and ask about his brother Ajax. Mention violence and he talks about a plan to get Ajax to learn violence is not the answer.

Go back to Ajax and say MINE! , tell him to say please and he will stop. Then wait 60 mins and talk to Ajax, he tells you to tell Bron that violence is not the answer.

Bron's happy about that, but by now you have noticed a noob npc bothering Bron. Say the name (cant remember it sorry) and he asks you to talk to Ajax to see if he knows what to do.

Ajax tells you to get fighting spirit

After giving the Bron the spirit, he wants to make him a shirt; so get him 50 red cloth pieces, 50 green 10 spiders silk and 4 warrior helms.

Head back to bron after. you get the wig.

No problem in getting then

For the axe addon-

* 100 Iron Ore
* 1 Huge Chunk of Crude Iron
* 50 Behemoth Fang
* 50 Lizard Leather

Warrior addons

The warrior addons are mainly spikey shoulders and swords.

The Spike pads consist of;

* 100 bones from bonebeast
* 100 tortoise shield
* 1 dragon claw

The swords consist of;

* 100 iron ores
* 1 royal steel

The sword addon for male is on the back and for female is on her waist with a belt. The spike is only one for female and 2 for male on either side.

Summoner addons

This is the santa male outfit which is non premy and the manky haired crazy lady look thats premy for females.

To get the wonderful hat, kill ferumbras, yes i did just say FERUMBRAS. And collect his hat. Rather a shame, that-

1) he spawns randomly like orshabaal

2) to get there you gotta be level 80+

3) the demons are constant respawn of 4 where Ferumbras spawns.

To get the wands as seen on loggin screen with the female you need to head to Dark Cathedral and speak to Angelina. You will need-
# Snakebite,moonlight,quagmire,volcanic and tempest rod.
# vortex,cosmic energy,dragonbreath,plague and inferno
# 10 Magic Sulphur
# 20 ankhs
# Soul Stone

mage addon
Tibia premium account mage addon

Oriental addons

Oriental addons are found in Darashia

The npcs to talk to for the turban and sabre are Razan and Habdel. The Npcs to talk to for the belt and veil are Ishina and Miraia.

To get the veil, you will need

* 100 ape fur
* 100 fish fins
* 2 enchanted chicken wings
* 100 blue pieces of cloth.

To get the gemed belt, you need a mermaid's comb which is found somewhere under water on Calassa with the Quaras.

Sorcerer addons

For the skull or snake addons for the head, you will need-

* one medusa shield,
* one ring of the sky
* one pair of crown legs
* one dragon scale mail

talk to the necro under north of thais, the beholder spawn.

To get the back and skull pad accessories

* 50 Holy Orchids

Speak to the queen of the banshees

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