Tibia Premium Account outfits

Once you have gotten a Premium account you have a choice of 7 extra outfits making it a total of 11 to choose from. (The other 4 are from free account section) This gives the game more variety such as actually looking like a Druid or a Sorcerer or even more choice with a Warrior outfit. Each outfit has 2 addons (so far) to obtain. Some are easier than others and some are hard as hell to get. (more info in the Premium account addons page) Whatever the outfit, theres one for everyone to choose from.

Druid Outfit

The druid outfit reflects the nature loving person within us. The outfit looks completely different from the previous update and barely changed between female and male chracters. Theres a bear head and paw addon for males and a wolf head and paw addon for females. The outfit shows a true druid should look without being mixed up looking like a sorcerer.

tibia druid outfit
Tibia Premium account druid outfit

Sorcerer outfit

The sorcerer outfit just screams power and magic. From the extravagant hair of the female to the red eyes of the male. The addons help to create this illusion even more with snakes and skulls. Theres no chance anyone will think of you as a nature loving Druid or brave warrior in this outfit.

tibia sorcerer outfit
Tibia Premium account sorcerer outfit

Noble Man and Lady Outfits

Feel royal and noble, just bought a huge house or mansion and need to dress the part? This outfit is for just for you. The elegant and fine cut outfits are perfect for anyone whos just moved into Liberty Bay wants to show off their new mansion with balcony or garden. The addons help play the part with the top hat and flowing dress skirt. This is an outfit that you cant turn your nose up at.

tibia noble outfit
Tibia Premium account noble man outfit

Oriental Outfit

This outfits perfect when wandering around the desert towns of Ankrahmun and Darashia, the cloth keeps one feeling cool inside whilst looking cool on the outside. The addons increase the beauty with gemmed belts and turbans and mysterious veils. An outfit fit for a desert prince (or princess)

tibia oriental outfit
Tibia Premium account oriental outfit

Warrior Outfit

This outfit shows the braveness of a knight, but less barbaric, the warrior looks fearless, brave and strong, the addons make this outfit look more the part, both adding swords and spikes. Perfect for a noble knight per say.

tibia warrior outfit
Tibia Premium account warrior outfit


This outfits not for the sorcerers, not for the druids and not for the simple mages. This is for the witch craft at heart players, the mysterious wand waving wizard hat wearing character. Mysterious forces are at work however, for the males the addons are the same as the female free account mage. It seems the characters are strange and swapped here, but I show it how I must.

tibia mage outfit
Tibia Premium account mage outfit

Barbarian Outfit

Feeling brutish and rude when huntin? Feeling like smashing things and yelling at people? (No your not a Chav) Barbarian outfits perfect to show your mood. The addon with the huge axe looks firecesom and enough to frighten small children.

tibia barbarian outfit
Tibia Premium account barbarian outfit

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