Non premium account addons

Specification for non Tibia premium account addons. How to get addons for knight, mage, paladin outfit. You need premium account for addons

What you need for the feather hat is
1 legion helm
100 chicken feather
50 honey combs.

What you need for the backpack addon is

* 100 minotuar leathers, usually much easier to get it with an obsidian knife.

You speak to amber and nora in rook and lubo and hana in thais.

Non-premmy Knight addons

The knight helmet addon is found in the knight guild in thais. The sword addons on Meriana aka pegleg.

The helmet addon is-

* 100 Behemoth Fangs
* Ramsay The Reckless' lost Helmet (found in deep Banuta)
* 1 Flask of Warrior Sweat
* 1 Royal Steel

The KNIGHT swords addon is-

100 iron ore
1 crude iron


Mage addons

These are a tiara and a cloak around the neck depending on chracter's sex. Knowlege of the tiara is the same as the cloak. The belt addons are shown here also. You exchange 100 vials (5bps worth) for one lottery ticket in edrons manafluid shop. You then stand a chance of getting the addon through a winning lottery ticket. Its quite lucky to get the winning ticket, even luckier when i had 4 tickets and 2 were winners. (im selling the spare if anyones intrested in buying >:) )

To get the Tiara speak to Myra in place for premium accounts - Port hope's bar. You will need-
# 70 Bat wings
# 20 Red piece of cloth
# 40 Ape Fur
# 35 Holy Orchids
# 10 spools of Spider Silk Yarn
# 60 Lizard Scales
# 40 Red Dragon Scales
# 15 ounces of Magic Sulphur
# 30 ounces of Vampire Dust

mage addon
Tibia premium account outift with addon and non premium one

Paladin addons

The paladin sniper gloves addon is pretty simple. You loot them from hunters, which is easier than say the backpack addon. You speak to Elane the pally guild master in Thais for both addons.

The tiara and cloak are very hard. You need to collect the crossbow which means hunting cults till verses 1-4 are yours. Then you need

* 100 red scales
* 5 enchanted chicken wings
* 100 lizard leather
* one piece of royal steel
* one piece of draconian steel
* one piece of hell steel.

mage addon
Look at a free account paladin

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