Free Tibia account outfits

When first starting on tibia, its most likely you wont have a premium account. So when logging on you will find your character only has a choice of 4 basic outfits. These outfits are to show a mage, a knight, a paladin and a merchant or known to others as peasant. They are the most basic outfits that a free account can get. The addons for these outfits however can only be gained through premium account players. This sections just showing the basic outfits.

Citizen outfit

The citizen outfit is also known as a pesant, its a basic ordinary outfit with a simple design and simple addons. It consists of a top, skirt or trousers depending on the sex of the character and shoes. The addons are basic, yet work well with the original outfit. It has hardly changed since the recent update.

Tibia free account citizen outfit

Knight Outfit

The knight outfit has changed considerbly with the old outfits, which madet he females look like they were wearing a cycle helmet and the men rather chunky. These outfits show how strong and brave one can be whilst blocking fearsom foes. The outfit consists of strong armor and a cape, which if you notice; there is a glitch. Addons include a sword and a helmet. This outfits perfect for those wanting to show brute strength.

Tibia free account knight outfit

Paladin/Hunter outfit

The paladin or hunter outfit is great for those who love the feel of the bow in their hands. The outfit even shows arrows on the back ready for action. (which also looks like a baby monkey in my eyes) This outfits perfect for those who want to be an archer once reaching main, it shows the agilty and nimble skill it takes to become an archer. The outfit's addons include sniper gloves and a tiara for females and a cloak for males proving how worthy a huntsman they can be.

Tibia free account paladin outfit

Mage outfit

The mage outfit has barely changed from the update, the male is still classed as the 'santa' look whilst the female looks rather noble and lady like still. The addons are different for both outfits. The female has a mana belt and tiara and the male has a wand and a hat. It just so happens that 2 premium outfits also have those addons for the opposite sex. The mage outfit can be used for either Druid or Sorcerer given the lack of choice with just a free account.

Tibia free account mage outfit

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