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* Get started well. Take time over your maps, don't be hasty or stupid in your decisions. Mappers with a deadline are mappers who map for mapping, and don't map for players. They won't have time to gain inspiration- most mapping inspiration comes WHILE you're mapping, unless you have PLANNED your map which 50% mappers do not do on a constant basis.

* Make sure that your players have a clear indicator of how to go the trainers or other important places, like depots. Readables are not enough. Try making a path out from your temple that players will see the trainers from.

* Watch out for dislocation (feeling lost). This is something even the best OTs screw up with. Many a time players enter sewers, explore deep, and go up a ladder. They find themselves in a town that looks different from when they first went down the sewers. Teleports are also a common cause of this. I made my teleporters only travel less than a screen, so players knew exactly where they were, and how to get back even if they had to walk. Fargum the Boatman (YurOTs?) is a classic example of dislocation by the way.

* Remember the monster stereotypes of players. Players instinctively seek rotworms, trolls and wolves for their first levels. Make these in large numbers and in areas that they can bomb easily.

* The pathways for new players should be fairly linear, so they don't feel lost.

* Monsters spawns should never spawn too hard, or be too easy or too anti-powerlevel.

* Oh, and choose the right trees for areas. Don't scatter them everywhere- make clusters, bushes etc, nice spots of clearing that will make players feel good.

OTSERV Idea-Creation.
There are certain points to take note of. Be creative most of all, target problems that can be solved instead of solutions that you can apply problems to in your attempt to look clever. Copy the crap out of truly good ideas, and give credit to the idea makers. However, given the general stupidity of OTmakers in general, few ideas will be that good.
Watch out for abusable ideas. If you can't find out which are abusable, use good players to test your ideas for you.

Here are some ideas and how I got them.

How To Make Druids Important In Terms of RuneSelling and yet not Piss Off Anyone:
I first thought of increasing level requirement for UH creation. However, that is screwed up (as the recent CIPsoft update showed) because everyone will get pissed off, including druids. Then obviously, all you have to do is create another rune type that people are not currently dependent on, and let that type be more treasured. Then let druids sell that type. What I did in one of my servs was to create a slightly stronger SD rune that all the truly powerful sorcs needed, so the druids ended up important again, evening up the vocations. See how easy it is when you are systematic.

How to Fix Problem of Manarunes Being Too Expensive

Charge em cheap, or make them infinite. Won't they be abused? Easy, make exhaust rate.
Now wasn't that simple.


This requires the most intelligence. There are certain techniques you can "abuse" to create quests.

Techique #1: Persistence. Make quests that need players to do trial-and-error.

Technique #2: Research. Make them have to check hidden libraries, talk to NPCs, or seek pieces of long-lost parchment that contain the solutions.

Technique #3: Riddling. Make the riddler coherent also. Not "1337 leet pwnzors? aheha?". Make it simple, and flash- "IGOTITEUREKA!" type, not grind grind grind, exasperated, frustrated, etc. etc.

Technique #4: For monster quests, remember these: monsters can be shoot at with the player being out of range (GFB or your new custom spell if the monster is fireimmune), monsters can be ganked, monsters can be up-downed with ladders.
Example: In the famous Grail Knight quest on my most recent server, I created a room in which knights could use Regenerate, use the summoned Grail Wizards to block, and arrange the attackers in a position in which they would be able to attack without target switch. And omg a bunch of levels 100+ get to destroy a guy who does more than 35135135 damage =O

Technique #5: Avoidable spells to increase difficulty without making it impossible.

And the rest, which you, smart as you are, can use your creativity to think of =) -tired- Use your ingenuity- reading my tutorial won't give you the best OT, but it'll help you to utilize your own talents to build the best OT you can.

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