How to change the attack speed

1) When installed Dev C++ Go File, Open And look for ur server. When found go into souces folder and open Game.Cpp

2)press shift+alt+f, then search for “player->eventCheckAttacking”

If that dosnt work try “player->eventCheckAttacking = addEvent(makeTask(1600, std::bind2nd(std::mem_fun(&Game::checkCreatureAtta cking), player->getID())));”

3)double-click the last one that comes up, the line should be:

player->eventCheckAttacking = addEvent(makeTask(1600, std::bind2nd(std::mem_fun(&Game::checkCreatureAtta cking), player->getID())));

(the numbers will be different depending on the protocol)
the first number in the parenthesis for makeTask is the attack delay.

Now, the number 1600 means 1.6 seconds fix it up too how u like.

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