Basic Tibia ots tutorials

Making an OT
I know there is already a tutorial for making an Ot but im going through everything here so bare with me

1.Go to Non-cvs and then to released Binaries
2.Download the server you wish to have (here is one to get you going )
click here
3.Once Downloaded extract it and open config.lua with notepad
4.Scroll down to where it says IP= or this ip should redirect to
5.Go to and find your ip
6.Replace your ip with the one already in config
7.Make any other changes you wish to make in config then save it
8.Somewhere in the same folder should be a icon saying Tampico ots or a blank white box, open it up and wait for it to say OT running
9. Now go to ur tibia and right click create shortcut. After right click on the shortcut and onto properties...It should say "C:\Program Files\Tibia\Tibia.exe or something like that.
10. at the end of "C:\Program Files\Tibia\Tibia.exe there is a ", do a space after the " and type: host (your ip) port 7171. Now you can login enjoy!

Making a account/character

Next is a tutorial to make accounts...i know post people know how to but this is for new users who have just joined the Ot community

1.Go to the folder your server is located in and open the data file
2.Go to players folder.
3.There should already be a character in there (example:Test character)
4.Copy and paste whatever char you wish to be (Master sorcerer-makes you sorc etc)
5.right click on your copied one go down to "Properties" and make sure read only is off. Then rename the copied test character to your character name.
6. Once done right click "edit" and change the name in there along with your account number and whatever lvl/magic level/skills you wish to have then save it
7.Go back to data folder and go into "accounts" folder and there should already be an account number in there (example=account file-1)
8.Copy it and rename it to Your account number,once done right click "edit" it
9.Once on it you have to change the character name to your name and make a password for it...after that save it and your done. Now login with your account and password with test server on and it should work . Enjoy!

Making new monsters

1. Go to your data folder in your server and open The Monsters folder.
2. Pick what you want your monsters to look like (Example; Demon). Then copy The demon.xml
3. Rename your monster. Open your new monster (Click Edit).
4. Change the name of your monster in the .xml and change hitpoints etc..
5. Have fun with your new monster!


This tutorial is to help new mappers (its not a guide just the technical stuff)

1.Download a map editor, heres one (click)
2. Extract it with a zipping program, like you did with your ot server. may say MFCDYLL is missing or something..and if its a tibia.spr or tibia.dat just download 7.6 tibia and take it out of it...or beg on forums
4.Thats basicilly add a bit to this tutorial to show how to place a new map in your server

Mapping tutorial part 2 (placing the map in your server

1.Go to your "world folder" in data folder and place your map in there, (your map will be in map editor folder)
2.Go into config and where it says
-- sets what map to load
mapfile = "data/world/<map>.otx"
place ur map name where the <map> sign is (warning: your map editor maybe .otb not otx
3.Then change the spawnpoints to temple on your new map and hopefully (if no errors) login and your on your new map

Making houses (Yurots7.5)

ok, so in this mini tutorial il show you how to make basic houses :>

1.Make your house using the map editor but keep map editor up because you will need the cordinates :>
2.Go into your server folder then data/houses
3.Copy and paste one of those houses and rename it what you wish to call the house
Great street 1
4.change the name inside the document and cordinates of front door...
5.Go back to data folder and at the bottom is houses.xml
6.Right click "edit" like you did for everything else
7.Then...anywhere in there (not interupting other houses or the
</houses> place something like this
<house name="test house 1">
<tile x="517" y="487" z="7"/>
<tile x="512" y="482" z="7"/>
<tile x="521" y="486" z="7"/>
Change the house name to what you wish and write all the cordinates of the house then save as...login to the serv and hopefully should be done :>

Author: willatt

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