Getting equipment in rookgaard fast

I made this tutorial just because in every rookgaard tutorial I look in, I see the same old way of getting equipment. Also, I feel that if you will follow this tutorial you will gain experience much quicker because of your better equipment.

Unfortunately, this tutorial will apply mostly to older worlds because in very new servers, there aren't many people who would sell their equipment.
If you have decided to follow this tutorial, then you should do it when it is peak time in your server and there are a lot of players online. This way you will have a bigger chance of finding a person who sells mace, rope. Also, bear room might be open and there will surely be more fresh moster bodies around.

You are level one, you have just picked your outfit and you want to get out of rookgaard. Well, first, I advise you to go the sewers below town and pick up every fresh rat corpse you see. With your capacity, you can carry five. Don't bother about killing rats and have full defence on. Just get every corpse you can and hurry out of the sewers. There are two people to whom you can sell rats: Tom and Seymour. My pick would be Seymour, because he is much closer to sewer grate. Talk to Seymour (or Tom) and say "sell [the amount of rat corpses you have] rats". They will give you 2 gp for every rat corpse. After 3-5 runs like this, you will have 30-50 gp.
Try to buy mace from any of the players on the marketplace, and you will most likely get it in 5 minutes or less. Don't worry about the money, be ready to give all you have just to get the mace.

Now to get a shield... Do the same thing you did to get your weapon, but now go full attack and kill the rats you see. DO this until you have 15 gp. Go to any of the rookgaard shopkeepers and buy yourself a wooden shield.

Backpack, shovel, rope
Now continue killing rats or bugs until level 2. Unless you have saved a good amount of gps, you should still take the rat corpses to Tom or Seymour. When you are level 2, you should have gotten atleast 50gp. Yell around the market to buy rope for 20-30gp(depends on world and players). Then buy backpack and shovel for 20gp from any shopkeeper.

You should be level 2 by now. Go out of the town and head north until you are in front of an old ruined building. Go down the stairs and you will see that you are in a troll cave. There should be lots of dead trolls around here, and you should open every one of them to check for leather legs and leather boots. Just move along and you will eventually find some.
Keep heading (south-)east from the entrance and there is a ladder down. It will take you to orcs. Most likely they have been killed already and do the same as with trolls, until you find studded helmet and studded armor. Also, since you are already there, you should check if the bear room is open.

Now that you have a nice set of of armor, you can focus on gaining experience.

This tutorial has worked for every one of my characters and I'm pretty sure it will work for you as well.

Author: Xardes

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