Knight's guide for premmys

This is my First tutorial, I hope you guys like it. This is for premmys.

1-7: Rook Prem Rats

I just botted the rats on premium side for like 2 hours, It's good cash and people rarely ever go down there xD. Any bot is fine, I used TibiaAuto, went well for me. By the time you get level 7, you should have around 600-800gp. Just store that in your bank acc.

7-8: Hunt Around

After hunting tho nubbish ol' rats, just kill everything you see. It only took me like 20 mins tops after rats to get level 8.

8-10: Training

Now, go to Edron and buy yourself a p-set if possible or scale armor, brass legs is fine aswell. Now go to venore and buy the Light spell from the npc. Now go get a knife/club/hand axe from somewhere. Go to edron trolls and train till 30/30 on full attack. (No need to level yet) By the time your down training to 30/30, you should have like 200 - 600 exp left to level 9. Now that your a bit stronger, Start training again to 35/35 on balanced. By now you should be level 9. Take a break and go buy Light healing spell from venore. You should be ML 1 by now. Now get your ass back to edron and train to 40/40 on full defense.(trolls still) By the time you get 40/40 you should be level 10 or close to it.

10-15: Leveling
Now that you've been training for hours. You can have some fun. Now you should have been collecting the gold coins you got from the trolls while training. Now you can buy yourself a Decent weapon for your class. Okay, now back the the damn trolls! You can bot there or just simply do it yourself. By level 15, you should have 44/44 roughly.

15-25: Dara Rotworms

Ok here, is optional, you can train your ass to 50/50 or just hunt to 25. I personally trained there before hunting. When you train, be sure ur using a weak weapon with full attack/balanced. I only trained with two, three is a bit to much. Now that you have trained and leveled your ready for step two. YAY!

25-30: Training

Now that your at 25! Train your ass to 65/65, This will take quite a bit of time. The key is patience. It took me like 2 days because noobs kept killing my god damn rots. Once you have 65/65 down and start hunting at dara rots again till level 30. (This will get you some more cash for better EQ)

30-45: Edron Cyclopsis

Ok, now that your level 30, we can go pwnshizzle some cycs. I hunted here till level 45, but if you want to go beyond that, be my guest. Collect all the loot, you can make quite a profit from it.

45-50: Training.....AGAIN!

Now that your level 45, your going to want to train again, by now you should have like 70/70-73/73. I trained till 82/82 but I suggest 85/85. It helps xD.

50+: Dwarf Gaurds

After I trained, I went to the gaurds in kazz to level. Exp there is VERY good. I STRONGLY suggest you hunt there at 50+, as you can kill them easily, and from the loot you can make alot of profit. I Leveled here till 75, I made 200k Pure cash JUST from the loot.

75+: What's Next?

This is where my guide stops. I have only gotten to level 75 using this technique.

Author: Krusty

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