Tibia Pic Editor

Well I see that someone was having problems with Blackbuster's .Pic Editor ,so I decided to make a walkthrough for it. This is just how you do it, some people might do it differently.

Step One:
Well first you need to download Blackbuster's .Pic Editor of course

Step Two:
Create a New Folder and put your .pic editor in side there (nothing else)

Step Three:
Double click the .pic editor and browse for your tibia.pic file and when you find it press open of course(should be in program files>>tibia, unless your like me, I have all 3 tibia clients so i can go on them without reinstalling MWAHHAHA), and click "take it" on the .pic editor

Step Four:

Step Five:
Now make sure that all the files (meaning the 0-7 bmp files) are in the same folder, along with the pic editor, and then open the pic editor again and press
"put it". It should make a Tibia.pic file around 1000-2000kb

Step Six:
Close your pic editor and move the pic file to your tibia folder, I would keep the old one if you want to switch back.


Tibia Pic Editor

A program I made so u can edit tibia.pic
It works for all clients have fun

How it works...
Copy the program to a new map...
Browse to your tibia folder...
Choose tibia.pic....
Click take it...
It will make 6 pics
Edit it...
When u finish click put it
"some peaple think its a crack of the troopers files it isn;t"


Authors: Shawny360, Blackbuster

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