New servers - opening hours

Okay now i explain what to do if you want to become a rearly high leval in a new server fast.

First of all you need a group of people each taking turns to look at the server list- Watching for when the new ones pop up (refreshing it every 10 minutes). You take turns doing this becouse sometimes it can take weeks for new ones to come. When one is spoted tell your friends etc who all took thier turn and would of told you. And make your character (u will have 10~ mins to make him so dont rush a crap name- plan the name in advance if u can too.) Okay now spend every second logging in- no matter how many error msg's you get just keep trying. You Must be one of te first ones or you aint getting to main any time soon.

Leval 1- When you log in click ok straight away on the choose your outfit and jump down the sewers. Kill the rats in your way and run towards the Rapier (you should know where this is.) Then dont go backt he way u came just go south slaying rats untill red hp. (Thier will now be no rats left in that area cos of rush towards rapier. Run towards Doubet, grab it, race towards Premium area and get Zerbrus to heal you then jump down and try and find some spiders/Snake etc wolfs also good. Do this untill leval 2.

Leval 2- You are probably (if you did it right and your lucky) the first to lv2 shout your advance to taunt everyone and make em frustrated that thier not first. (This slows them down mentaly and they turn on eachother). Run towards the Leval 2 Bridge, grab a heal if u need it and get the Banana (Studded shield), and Book (Short sword) on your way back slay the 4-5 snake spawn (just tot he north a bit). Ignore all monsters u carnt handle yet. And get to town, Swamp your banana and book for Your ew sword and shield and kill wolfs, snakes, spiders and use the guards to heal.

When more get lv2- Get a nice team into mino hell to get your carlin sword (dont worry if thier dying just grab it and run out). Now you gota kill trolls till you get a rope/can aford a rope and shovel.

When u got a rope and Shovel- Run as fast as u can to the snake spawn in pa area, slay it, then jump out and go west towards the next hole- Kill the cave rats, dodge the skellies and grab the Small axe from the quest thing. Then run to Al's shop and get your pick, then get to the chain armor quest and grab that and the helmet- You can now solo all monsters in rook. close the door, keeep the pick - no on else can get the items or kill your monsters :|, now u just circle rook killing wolfs, Snakes, bugs, spiders etc... You will get most exp when your the only one who can solo most things this is why its so important at start to get in first.

Do Not Camp Spawns.

Do Not Block Spawns.

Do Not Use Chests to block people.

Keep a Constant killing going- dont slow down.

Once you reach leval 8, grab ur snowballs (probably killed spawn) Reason for this is u get 50g too . Give the Pan to willie and he give u antidote rune- then run off rook to thais. Once your in thais grab a spell (light is good) And then Run to the scorpion quest to get your chain armor. Then go to the Battle axe quest, (cave rats open with ur pick), then run to POH. Grab the Iron helmet, SD, etc (u wont run into anything if know the way). Then get to Edron (boat from venore). Do troll quest to get ur brass legs a goblins to get ur steel shield. Then Kill Trolls Till you get a Barb axe or kill goblins if ur pally for small stones.

If your pally wait till distance 35, if mage hunt trollls/goblins, if knight run to Darashia and the mino spawn (mino's for lootbag- house) then put loot in a bag and go kill a few rots, the go back to mino's (will be spawn) and keep rotating till u got a big lootbag. Do this untill thiers more people in darashia then u can just hunt the rots (below the gs) You will make 20k before lv20, buy promo then continue with rots till u secure enough cash for a good house and then hunt larva if knight, rots if mage and Tombs if pally. (when pally gets dis 50-55 go cycs/guards).

And thats how to be the highest lv with best house etc :P If your knight dont wory about Promo go for house first.

Author: Tarork

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