How to use a to redirect to your server

First of all a small introduction: allows you to create a free “redirect” to the IP/URL you specify, it does nothing more that redirecting all traffic thus it cannot be any cause of trouble to your own OtServ.

How do I use it?
Basically it’s very easy, I’ll try to explain it step by step:

First you go to their Website (Click!), sign up and validate your account by checking your email.

If you have signed up and logged in to your account you come to the “Controll panel” of your account. To make a DNS redirect (that is what we want now) you click on the left menu on “Hosts / Redirects -> Add”
Hostname: just enter the name you want
Host Type: DNS Host
IP Address: Your IP Adress
You can leave the other options blank, scroll down and click on “Create host”, it’s now created!

If people want to join your server they can type the link you chose at Hostname. (Example, if you took otserv as name and as other part of the link users can let their client connect to instead of your IP)
The goal for this? It looks better and it’s easier to remind for both you and your users!

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