Druid Tutorial

This is a tutorial for druids with Premium Account:

Levels 8-20
I suggest Edron Trolls/Goblins, or Darashia rotworms, with either a warhammer or ofc a rod. Always train your magic level as much as possible with these levels.

Levels 21-40
Giant Spider Tomb, using a warhammer, this proves great experience, and you can make uh's while you hunt.
Also Tombs with a monk and rod are great exp at these levels

Levels 41-60
At these levels, team hunting monsters like hydras, Dragon Lords etc is great exp, although you can always summon a ds at dragons, or go to Dwarf Guards with a rod/hmm's

Levels 61-80
At these levels, team hunting is again recommended, but i prefer to go to Venore dragon lair with my Tempest Rod and Exori Vis, no summons.
Also, the Tombs are great exp at this level, with only a rod or gfb's.

Levels 81-100
Personally, i found these to be the most fun levels on my druid. I went back to Exori Vising drags, and starting Exori Morting heros, also went on Demon/Warlock Hunts.
Basically anything you want can be done at these levels.

Levels 100+
Ok, at these levels, the only ways to gain good exp at basically the same as levels 81-100, but you have a little more health now, and you should easily be able to run through all hero spawns in deep edron with just exori mort.

Author: Elman

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