PK char tutorial

Stage one

Get a few experienced real life friends to start play with you. You should have one knight and rest mages, one druid, two sorcerers and a knight is recommended. You should all have a premium account, 90 days is enough. Find out a fast way to get through Rookgaard.

Stage two

When you've mained, choose Thais as your hometown. Buy light and the mages get a wand of vortex / snakebite rod. Knight use club, cheapest two handed weapon (War hammer, 45 atk). You should have around ~350 gold after getting out of Rook, so you will have around 250 when you've bought the spells.
Get an antidote rune (Buy in Rookgaard or finish the quest). Find the scale armor quest and finish it. Now move to Venore. Take the boat to Edron from here (40gp). You should have like 200gp now.

Your equipment should be so far:
Legion helmet (All vocation)
Scale armor (All vocation)
Leather legs (All vocation)
Studded shield (All vocation)
Wand of vortex (Sorcerer) / snakebite rod (druid) / mace (Knight)
Leather boots (All vocation)
A shovel and a rope (All vocation)

Stage three

Now you're in Edron. Buy a scarf from the NPC (25 gold). Now go in group to the troll cave and find the brass legs. Move south from the troll cave to goblins. Find the steel shield quest and finish it.

Now your equipment should be so far:
Legion helmet (All vocation)
Scale armor (All vocation)
Brass legs (All vocation)
Steel shield (All vocation)
Wand of vortex (Sorcerer) / snakebite rod (druid) / mace (Knight)
Leather boots (All vocation)
A shovel and a rope (All vocation)

The knight should find a studded club in the troll cave, and train to 40/40 (around one hour if training all the time).
Meantime the mages should keep leveling and they should be around level 11-12 when the knight got 40/40. Now the mages can move to Darashia rotworms. Have one spawn yourself, and go full defence while hitting rotworms with your wand / rod.
Now the mages have gotten pretty much cash, lend ~560 gp to the knight to buy a c-mace.
The knight should get around level 12 in trolls before moving to Darashia. When the mages are around 15~ The knight will also be around 14~15. This is when you need to power game. Get level 20 ASAP. Do the desert quest and buy manas for everything. Get as high magic level as possible, the knight should get mag 4 as fast as possible because of many reasons. Example UH runes, HMM's and other useful spells like Haste.

Stage four, the fraggings

Your equipment should be by now:
Scarf (All vocation)
Steel / Dark helmet (All vocation)
Plate armor (All vocation)
Plate legs (All vocation)
Wand of vortex (Sorcerer) / snakebite rod (druid) / war hammer (Knight)
Leather boots (All vocation)
Shovel, rope, pickaxe and machete (All vocation)
Field runes (All vocation)
SD runes (Mages)
UH runes (All vocation)
HMM runes (All vocation)
MW runes (Mages)
FB runes (Mages)

Now you should help desert quest teams to do the quest. One of your group goes with the team and when they go up (Finish the quest) The rest of your group waits there and kill them all. Free 40k! Useful? Very.
Buy sds and field runes etc. Watch movies of people you would like to frag on the server you play, watch how they heal, aim, etc. Watch war movies and check out Worr's PVP Guide to get better PVP.
Now when you found a good opponent the microphone and Ventrilo gets in handy. Or the LAN. Combo your target. Dont spam spells, don't get exhausted for nothing. Try to trap him if he's too strong. Knight hits with club ring and war hammer while others sd combo.

Aldora - alot of highlevels that cannot heal good. A recommended world, I have played there and me and my team got really rich. We had over ~400k cash of pk loot.

Shortnings (Spelled?):
PK - Player Kill
PKing - Player killing
PG - Power game
PGing - Power gaming
Mage - Sorcerer or Druid
UH runes - Ultimate healing runes
SD runes - Sudden death runes
HMM runes - Heavy magic missile runes
MW runes - Magic wall runes
Field runes - Fire field rune, Energy field rune
FB runes - Firebomb runes / trapping runes

Author: Enjoi

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