Leveling and Money making

Ok, this guide is to try and help everyone out there who have money problems, get the moolah back in their Depot. remember, this isnt for people who are levels 60+, but for mid levels, and peolpe who want to kill intermediate monsters.

Making money and gaining experience is not very easy to start off with on a brand new world, but hopefully this will give you an idea of where to start and how to go about it. Hopefully, I will also give hints about how to kill the monster in question.

Each monster will be shown in this order: NAME, HOW THEY HELP THE VOCATIONS, PROS and CONS.

And without further ado, the Money Makers Guide:



These happy go lucky rotworms again. Officially THE most hunted monster in tibia, with the larva's close behind them. There is more then one reason why everybody hunts the little critters. First of all, the brilliant amount of steady income they give. Not many rotworms give no money at all, and its very rare getting only a few GP in one. With them giving a max of 32gp, all you need is a few rotworms and youve made 1K. Another good fact is that they drop maces which most NPC's buy for 30gp, which means ou can loot them nd make bag upon bag of maces. Thy also give alot of Experience, which makes the caves they live in very crowded when 35,000+ players are online.

PROS: - Good money, - Drop maces, -Good experience.

CONS: - Caves are usually full.

After killing rotwaroms for a while, an giing good skills, consider killing these monsters for good loot.



Dwarf soldiers are THE BEST for loot at this level, because they drop Dwarven Shields(100gp in Kazoordan), Crossbows (120gp at Fibula), and Battleaxes (Bought in most places, Thais mainly). These are all big money making items for the level. After making afew lootbags full of this stuff, you will be rolling in the money. It is even better if you are a premium account and have done the postman quest which means you can parcel your items back and do not have to worry about dragging your items back to the Depot, and risk getting them stolen. Dwarf Soldiers also drop a very reasonable amount of loot. There are only 2 problems. They are ONLY found in the dwarf mines if you are a Free player, so the caves are usually always packed, whther there are only 300 players on your server or 900 players. Also, Dwarf soldiers travel in packs and one can break your shielding with its Melee and bolts, becausethese monsters can hit hard.. Therefor it is handy to have a few UH to have just in case you have more than one attacking you at once.


Running from these babies is a great advantage, whilst bolting them down. They will die in a few seconds, and dont shoot many bolts back at you. The bad thing is if you lag or freeze and they catch up, they hit very hard and may kill if your lag continues. Make sure you have some UH and have learnt 'Exura Vita'.


These are easy prey for the mages. If you get into any kind of trouble then GFB them and kill them off quickly. Otherwise just run and HMM them. No problem, but same as Palladins, make sure you have the 'Exura Vita' spell, or a few UH in case of emergencies.

PROS: - Great loot, - Reasonable Money

CONS: -Only place to find them is in caves, which are usually full, -More than one can break your shielding.


KNIGHTS: {SKILLS: 45/45 OR 50/50}

Ghouls drop LARGE amounts of money. as in quite huge. And they travel n packs most of the time. So after you have killded a few ghouls and collected all your money from it, you have probably made a fast 200gp. Also, you have the slight possibility of looting a Life Ring, which you can either use to get to all important Magic Level 4 or 6, or you can sell on. The bad thing about ghouls is that they use Life Drain, which you CANNOT block, no matter what any one says, using your shield and armor. So if you are cought by a few, they can deplete your health pretty fast. So again, have some UH handy. Ghouls also do not drop food, so you can't keep using mana unless you have brought your own, but they do keep the torches coming so you can keep in the light for long periods of time.

PALLADINS: {SKILLS: 40/40 - 50/50}

Palladins can kill these monsters in a matter of seconds again, and same with Dwarf Soldiers, make sure you bring UH and have 'Exura Vita' just incase. You can kill these with a few shots and have no harm done as they have no ranged attack. If there are too many, take them out with GFB.


Same with dwarf soldiers, Run and HMM them, Using GFB if you get in trouble or there are too many. Make sure you can Heal or UH, because they will break your shielding, as mages have low skills. Life drain will hurt you too.

PROS: -Large amounts of money, -Drop Life rings

CONS: - Cant block life drains, Do not drop food.



With the skills above, you can kill a beholder fast and block most melee damage from the skeletons. Beholders can drop some good loot like Two-Handed Swords and Morning stars which ca be sold for alot at NPC's. They also drop good GP. Bad thing is they use magic. And hard. They spit poison, they use SD's and they Zap you. TAKE UH, because after a few Beholders your health will be seriously damaged. And to add to it all, the skeletons they summon use life drain which you cant block. 4 or 5 skeletons and that is a big blow to your health.


Beholders are easy for palladins, although having no shield will affect the SD damage theycan do to Palladins. Also, running away will help the fact that the skellies may not catch you, although when they do, both melee and life drain will be added up, equalling to a large amount of HP taken. Healing is a MUST for a a paladin, whether it be UH or instant Spells.


Beholders can prove to be difficult for mages, seeing as in it is a Magic on Magic fight. This means that the Beholder can deplete you health quite quickly, and seeing as in mages do not have much health, that could be a problem. HMM are a good way to go, and maybe use a GFB to clear the skeletons once in a while. If you find yourself in a muddle, run away, or use SD to quickly finish the creature off. If you really want money and not loot, you could summon a Monk or Fire Elemental to finich it off quickly, although i dont thnk you will be killing beholders if you can summon a Monk and Fire Elemental.

PROS: -Good loot, -Good GP

CONS: Can kill you quickly if not prepared.



You need those skills to kill the cyclops for long periods of time without wasting too much time trying to kill one, or loosing too much health. Cyclops drop a reasonable amount of gp too, and also drop alot of ham and meat, which can be put into backpacks and used by yourself or sold onto druids or sorcerers. Cyclops also drop Halberds, which can be sold for 400gp at Thais, which is very handy. They also drop plate and battle shields which can make a big profit. Unfortunatly, Cyclops' appear in packs too, and after more then 2 are hitting you, your health will get wiped away, and fast. Cycs hit very hard, so have those UH again.


Cyclops are EASY meat for paladins. They dont have ranged attack and they are slow. Shoot bolts and run. There is nothing else to it, unless there are too many and you cant kill them quick enough, in which case, use GFB. Kepp UH, just in case, although you may never use them.


Same as palladin, easy for mages. Shoot HMM and run. Simple. Kepp the GFB and UH open just in case though.

PROS: -Good GP, - They drop halberds, plate/battle shields.

CONS: - Hit hard, appear in large packs.



With these skills, and probably a two hander, you can slaughter dragons using a few UH. You will loos life because you cannot dodge ther GFB, and if you are not quick with your fingers and do not stay diagonal, you may get caught in the F-Wave, which is bad. Shoot HMM to get a faster kill. Dragons drop all kinds of loot, which include money and Serpent Swords, which can be sold to low level knights for 1-3k, Dragon Hammers, which can be sold for 2-4k, Plate legs, which can be sold for 1.5k and Dragon shields which can be sold for 6k. These are quite rare, but if you plan to hunt them for a long time, then that should be no problem. They also drop Dragon Ham, which is a good source of food that many druids and sorceror may want. Bad thing is that F-Wave. You can be caught by it and killed if on low health. Dragons also spam magic whilst running away on low life.

PALADINS: {SKILLS 65 Distance}

Dragons can be a bit tricky for paladins. If you go with a blocker, it can be alot easiar. If you solo, it can be quite challenging. First of all, try to stay as diagonal to the dragon as possible, to avoid its Fire Wave as best as you can. Seeing as in you cant dodge the GFB, KEEP THOSE UH'S OPEN!!! And keep the 'Exura Vita' spell typed in the chat window. Use HMM for a faster kill if you want to. Watch out for the dragon when it spams on red life. It can be deadly.


Again, dragons can be slippery foes when your a mage. But mages have an advantage over other vocations. This is having the ability to summon. A Demon Skeleton is you BEST friend in this case, seeing as in they are immune to fire! All you have to do is get the dragoin to attack the DS and UH it every now and then so it dopesnt die. You can try with a monk, which hit harder and heal themselves, but if the Dragon spams fire spells on it, it could die. Once you have the dragon attacking your summon, shoot HMM at it and stay out of the way of its GFB's and F-Waves, which could kill you in one hit, if powerfull enough. Kepp 'Exura Vita' typed in the chat window.

PROS: -Drops good items.

CONS: -Can damage you fast and hard.

Author: Sayln

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