Guide to level paladin

How to level palading? Here's the guide:

Starting from level 8, you leave rook you arrive in your town of choice. My reckomendations are buy the best EQ you can from the money you made in rook. Most importantly a dwarven shield and an orc axe or better.
Find Yourself a nice troll cave and kill trolls with your axe while collecting spears. When you have a few spears on you (like 5) use them to kill trolls, once you run out of spears (as you probly will) use the axe again to kill mroe trolls collecting spears.
At about lvl 12 you should have made enough money to buy yourself a plate set, i reckomend you do it.
This meathod is very effective, and in my opion the fastest way to lvl a pally while gaining skills at the same time. once youve made youself about 40 distance and are able to make arrows you should put away your shield and axe and hunt stuff (depending on your lvl) with a bow.
At about lvl 17 you can atempt to run cyc south of thais, but i dont recomend it as if you lag you die >;| and you probly wont be able to kill them before they go poofy.

Lvl 20 with about 50 Distance is the best time to run cyc. you should be able to kill them fast enough and you should be able to run fast enough Very Happy
of course there are other options for this lvl like hunting valks and amazons in the venore Zon camp (north) with spears and a shield.
And hunting in the top lvls of SAFE tombs is allways good. Allthough id wait till lvl 25 to hunt dig scarabs as there fast and you start the chase with them at your heals, At about lvl 25 you should have made enough money to buy yourself a crown helmet and noble armor, these are the last armor and helmet i reckomend you buying (unless your world prices are low) as you can do crusader helmet quest at lvl 35 and crown armor at lvl 50.

after reaching about lvl 30 with about 60 distance is a good time to hunt in fibular. u need a key that costs 1k that you can get from simon the begger at the very south of the city (say help to him i think and then yes yes yes)
There are rot worms and DS in teh east wing of fibular, a good place to run run DS if you clear the rots on your way up. The other decent wing is the south wing with lots of beholders and a few DS. Its harder to run the DS here as you dont have to much room, jsut run them towards the ladder you came down (notice theres to ladders a screen apart) and jsut run back and forward between the 2 laddders (going up and down of course)
Ds are very good for distance training and they can drop some cool items, and beholders are great for loot. make sure you bring alot of arrows, some UH and some food if your not planning on killing many rots.

At Lvl 30 is a good time to hunt in the ank "city tomb" i think thats what they call it, its the south most tomb (ill post a ss of how to find it later) theres a spawn fo 3 deer above it, great for food. On the second lvl theres a stone golem, shamblers, mummys and scarabs. just run everything, make sure you run back the way you came, hot key exura for a quick release from paralyse. Shamblers are great distance training as there beefy as hell and kinda slow, but dont let them hit you they got a nasty bite Wink allso this tomb is still good exp right up to lvl 45

At Level 35 is when i reckomend your first dragon solo, allthough u can do it much earlyer but it is very dangerous and not profitable. youd want at least 67 distance. The best place to try your first solo is the ank 9 dragon spawn, lure the dragon out (carefull nto to lure more than 1) and run around the dead body at the entrace, i reckomend practising around the body jsut bellow the dragon spawn so u know the pathing of the body.
Make sure you bring BOLTS and UH, allso if your brave and are planning on hunting for awhile bring a few life rings as they are cheaper than uh (casting vitas) Just remember that dragons can smap i allway heal if my hp goes bellow 300.

Lvl 45 is when i reckomend you start hunting dragons full on. Same kind of stratergy as lvl 35, just run the ank 9 spawn around the body, take life rings of mana fluids to use instead of uh (still take UH). This is by far the fastest way to level and the best money maker. i personaly dont use many life rings or mana fluids i just wait for my mana at the spawn. You should hotkey exura vita as f1 and set it to auto send so all u have to do is press it to heal Very Happy.

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