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Welcome to my tutorial thread on simple skill training.

Skill training:
Why skill train?
How to skill train?
Where to skill train?

Knight related stuff:
Weapons for skill training.
Which weapon to chose?
Why Knights?
Pros and Cons

Skill Training:

Why skill train?

Skill training is the only way which Knights and Paladins, two of the vocations which need skills to become stronger and better. The only way for them to become stronger with skills is to skill train. Although skill training is tough, distance is easier to train than melee skills (swording, axeing, clubbing, fisting). Skill training allows the above mentioned vocations kill and block stronger monsters. However, be warned, LEVELS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT, IF NOT MORE.

How to skill train?
One of the most famous ways to understand skill training is the Basket, Pool and Ball. For example, you take a basket and put in one ball for every hit u made with ur fist/axe/club/sword and put in a ball. The basket can only hold 30 balls, so when you make the monster you are skill training with bleed, u empty the balls into the pool. When the pool is full, you gain a level up in the skill. However, shielding is a bit different. For every hit your skill training monsters hit, including POOFS (Shield blocked), YELLOW EXPLOSION (Armor blocked) and BLOOD HIT (you got hit with damage), you put a ball into the basket. In order to empty it, you must make a BLOODHIT on the monsters u are training with.
1) You must make a bloodhit every 30 hits or else the hits after the 30 is not counted
2) When shield training, you must make a blood hit every 30 hits on you from the monsters
3) You gain the skills gradually while hunting but it is very slow

Paladins, however, is the same concept with different uses of the balls. Every bloodhit u make would put 2 balls into the basket, not one. Shielld training is the same, but I have not comfirmed the amount of balls the "basket" can hold. The above finding was with arrows, so I am not sure about any other skill training items (spears, throwing stars, small stones, snowballs).

Where to skill train?
There are many different places where u can skill train. All monsters can be used, but some are more effective than others. Here is a list which I reccommend.

1) Swamp Trolls. U can find a place, use parcels to get 2 swamp trolls attacking you and skill train there. Be warned that they can poison you, but they often drop fish so not much of a problem. They poison you with a Armor hit though (99% comfirmed).

2)Minotaurs, Dwarves, Rotworms. You can find minotaurs to train. I have so far only found one place with them, Folda. Dwarves can be found in the dwarf mines near Kaz, with rotworms. It is reccommended to go to places where people hardly go to for skill training here. For rots you could probable try the sewers in Carlin, but you must be lucky there r hardly people around.

3)Slimes. Slimes are one of the best and yet dangerous skill training monsters. For the fact that they multiple, u can skill train with tem for hours on end, but if three is on you, you'll get hit hard. The carlin sewers is the best place to do this, do to the exploitation of the terrain. Get a friend to help u with the exploitation.

4)Ghouls. Ghouls are able to heal themselves, making them extremely useful for skill training. But they are dangerous themselves and are hard to find with 2 or more ghouls and their life draining abilities is not too welcomed. You can try, but beware.

5)Polar bears or bears. These are good for early skill training as they have high defense and hitpoints. I used to train on these, but i found another place better after some exploration.

6)Femor Hills, the power ring quest room and the one before. There are a lot of goblins but they throw stones. Hardly people come here.

7)Cyclops. Yes, cyclops. They are deadly, but with a good shielding skill (55 i think), you can use them for skill training. So far i think the Thais Lighthouse is most useful for this. Get two friends to lock you in. But hope they are trustworthy.
Knight related stuff
Weapons for skill training.

As a weaker weapon would mean your skill training monsters would live longer, here are the list of the weapons i reccommend:
Sword->Knife (From ghouls)
Club->Crowbar (From ???)
Axe->Sickle (From witch)
Fist->Fist (^_^)
Distance->spears (Trolls, swamp trolls, frost trolls), snowballs, small stones (golbins), throwing stars

Which weapon to chose?
Many people argue about which weapon is the best.[NOTE:Most of this info comes from outside sources]. Many people agree that Axes are the best weapons, followed by Clubs and then Swords. True, the Dragon Lance is the strongest 2-hand weapon in the game obtainable by monsters with a 47 attack and 16 defense. Next comes the Giantsword with 46 attack and 22 defense. Lastly is the warhammer with 45 attack and 12 defense. Many people uses Axes as it gives the best attack/price value, followed by clubs with attack/weight value and swords with a attack/defense value. I have yet to comfirm weather a weapon's defense is effective. Swords are the most all-round weapons in the game, with the brightsword boasting a 36/30 (first number attack, second number defense) and the firesword with a 35/20. These are the best one-hand swords in the game easily obtained. However, starting with swords is expensive as they seem to cost a lot. Serpant sword, 26/15 and spike sword, 24/21 are too biased in def or attack. Club weapons are attack/weight weapons with the skull staff 36/12 with 17 oz, but its lack of def is useless if the def matters. The dragon hammer has 32/20, but is heavier than firesword and weaker in attack. A crowbar is also difficult to get as it is close to a premmy only item. Axe weapons are by far the most reccommended with the fire axe at 38/16 with 40 oz. The knight axe is 33/21 and weighs 59oz, but the firesword and brightsword weigh lesser. Its up to u to choose which weapons u want to use. I personally choose swords as they seem to hit with better accuracy (maybes its just me >.<). But of course the weapon u choose would affect you. Clubs are the cheapest, followed by Swords, than Axes. The rarity is in the same method.
1)Cost: Clubs<Swords<Axes
2)Rarity: Clubs<Swords/Axes
3)Effectiveness: Swords<Axes<Clubs (mages)
Axes/Swords<Clubs (knights)

Why Knights?
Why many people chose knights? My studies (if i ever studied) shows that, unless ur going to use 4 sorcs for annihilator, a knight is the most effective vocation for it. Knights have enough hp to survive more hits than a paladin and can hold more runes. Moreover, knights make good blockers for the quest. Not only annihilator have i found knights useful. Ive blocked beholders before and it was because of me that my paladin friend lived and survived. Not nice having 3 beholders chasing you, but still... Ive seen knights having massive skills and gaining the most money after around level 25 (i found many good hunting places, but not sharing), since the loot you can carry is a lot. Knights are essential in many quests, besides the 10k quest, for one the draconia and demon quests, if u want to do it properly (no going up and down stairs, etc). Knights rock in my opinion, and without knights i don't think many paladins or mages gain levels fast.
Pros and Cons of Knights
Knights, are well, a very good vocation, but have its disadvantages, let me list some.
Pros: 1)Kknights gain a lot of health fast
2)Knights have the most capacity
3)Knights gain melee skills faster than other vocations
4)Knights are essential in many quests and hunts
5)Knights are the most common vocations in many servers

Cons: 1)Knights are horrid at magic
2)Knights promotion doesn't grant a good differance
3)Relies heavily on Ultimate Healing Runes
4)Dangerous in Lag
5)Costly to MAINTAIN, not start.
I'll continue updating it, i'll try regularly.
Oh, and for those who helped me, for clarification:
30 hits, ive tried, tested and it works. Maybe cause im on a non-pvp server, someone check this out, i REFUSE to play pvp. >.<
The skills for monsters have been taken off, its causing too much confusion. And its blocking, not skill training...

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