How to train a Knight

The art of training (for knights)
Well, the boring part of being a knight is training, and you will have to do it, no matter you want or not. This little guide will describe the way to do it.

-- The right skills for the right level --
Ok, so the first thing you should know is what skills that you should have, and this is the skills that I recommend.

Level ~20: 45/45 minimum, 50/50 recommended.
Level ~30: 55/55 minimum, 60/60+ recommended.
Level ~50: 65/65 minimum, 75/75+ recommended.
Level ~70: 70/70 minimum, 80/80+ recommended.
Level ~100: 85/85 minimum, 90/90+ recommended.
Level ~150+: 90/90 minimum, 100/100+ recommended.

Note that these may be a litte underestimated for the higher levels.

-- Choise of weapon and equipment --

There are 3 weapons you should use to train with:
Crowbar (Obtained from behemoths of bought in Edron)(Standard club can be used at lower levels) - For the club users, however I don't recommend clubs for knights, they are inefficiant, and there is no more weapon to get after the skull staff (at ~6-7k).
Knife (obtained from ghouls)(Daggers will work for the lower levels) - For the sword users. Sword is a good weapon class, however, they are expensive.
Sickle (obtained from witch)(Hand axe works for skills less than ~45) - For the axe users. Axe is probably the class that gives you the most value for your money, with the Fire axe availble at ~8k.

When training on monsters:
You should use the weakest possible weapon in you class (crowbar, sickle, or knife), but apart from that you should wear your normal equipment. Also ALWAYS use full defense here.

When training on other players:
Just as when traing on monsters use the weakest weapon you can find, but you can probably use your normal shield. When it comes to equipment you should wear bad equipment or none at all, sychronize this with a suitable attack stance, to make sure you do a blood hit about every 25 hits, no more no less.

-- What to train with? --

For normal PvP och PvP-enforced:

You have a choice here, ethier you follow the non-pvp way below and train with monsters, or you can train with another player. If you choose the first option, move on to the Non-PvP-part below.
So.. now you got to find your training partner, make sure it's someone you can trust, otherwise they may kill you. Pratically anyone can train with anyone, if they wanted to Eternal Oblivion, and a random level 8 could train with each other, however, that would be a bit uneccecery. Just make sure that you balance you equipment so you will lose one hitpoint about every ~25 hits, no more, no less (rather more than less though).
When you have that part figured out, it's time to find a good place, the place should be quite lonley, so you can train without too many people passing by. The spot should be near water, so you can fish and gain magic levels while you're at it. Preferrebly quite near a respawn of an easy monster, such as spider. This is because you will gain shielding points for 2 hits every turn, so your shielding will advance most efficient with two creatures hitting you. You should get an as easy monster as possible, prefferbly a spider, or maybye eaven a rat.
Another thing to keep in mind is too leave the equipment you don't wear in the depot, people who are training is a common target for random playerkillers, because of that they are often at least semi-afk, and wearing little equipment making them easy to kill, and usually they also keep their normal equipment in their backpack, so the loot is most likly good. The best way to prevent this is to stand in a spot where nearly no one passes by, and as I said, leave the equipent you don't wear in the depot, and also, to NEVER be afk.

For Non-PvP:

Here is probably one of the biggest cons if you have chosen Non-PvP, you can't train with other humans, you will have to train with monsters. The best monster for training is definetly rotworms, not only are they at a good level of difficulty, but they also drop good loot, and they are availible in many parts of Tibia. When rotworms are getting too easy, you can move on to minotars, and perhaps later on eaven slimes. Block the monsters away with parcels so always have 2 monsters attacking you. Only one is inefficient, and more is just a waste. The way that i use and think is the best is to attack is to first hit one monster (slowly) down to red, then switching to the other one, and when that has reached red, just hit them both a bit to make sure they have about the same HP. When they are dead, go after new monsters. (This doesn't go for slimes, with them, ALWAYS attack the summoned slime.)

-- Good places to train with monsters --

For Prems:
Cormaya Rotworms: - Well an ok place, rarley crowded.
Edron trolls: (entrance: - Only works for the lower skills.
Darashia rotworms:,, - A good place with many rotworms. Often crowded though...
Minotaur pyramid: - Minotaurs here on the ground floor.

For free accounts:
Fibula: - One of the better places for Free accounts. Another thing here is to NEVER EVER be afk, due to the demon skeletons. The ground level of the island is also good for PvP-training.
Folda dungeons: - Not my place of choise, but it works....
Thais trolls cave: - Mentioning this place for it's slime respawn, the others isn't really much good.....
Kazordoon mines: entrances around - Probably the best Free account place, lots of respawns, and dwarves work just as well as rotworms for training (they die a bit faster though..).

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