Getting off Rookgaard fast

When you first login to a brand new server, you will see many other people, people hogging spawns, etc.
What you want to do, is AVOID THEM. Do not just jump right into hunting, unless you can. Chances are you wont get anywhere.

Getting Equipment!
What you want to do, is find a very large spawn of animals that drop meat. Kill the animals, and collect all the meat/food you can. Go to Billy ( on premium side ) and sell it. When you have enough gold, you can buy some rather good equipment ( Leather set, lol ).

I got my equipment.. Now what?
Now you can go hunting. Chances are people are hogging up all the rat spawns, thats ok. With some skill, you can probably kill somewhat stronger monsters with your new equipment. Do that. Try to take on a troll or two, and see if you can live. Otherwise, find a way to hunt something, otherwise you wont get anywhere.

Theres no hunting spots!
Many times there wont be. This is where you must make a decision. If the world is a PVP world, try your best to find any available spawn open, to not risk being hunted by a potential account sharer/person with no life. If the server is NonPVP, then it would be safe to kill some monsters of others if possible, if you have the guts to do it.

Go to every spawn you know, or get in line ( Do they exist? ) for a spawn or something. Just hunt, hunt, hunt! If possible, modify your schedule slightly depending on the server, and your time zone. ( Not reccomended! ).

I got level 8.. now what?
Once you’ve chosen your vocation, and in main ( I suggest Edron or Ab’dendriel ), you want to go to trolls. In Ab’dendriel, theres the troll cave in the shadow caves, with 5(?) floors. Hunt in any one you want, but I dont suggest them all.. some of them are not worth it.

If you chose Ab’dendriel, after level 15 or so, move to the undead cave accessible by the tunnel on one of the floors. This cave has some ghouls, etc, which can lead to further levels.

If you chose Edron, head to edron trolls. Stay there until level 15 hunting. Then, move to Edron goblins.

At Level 20, your on your own. Since you SHOULD be premium account, you can hit larva, or do whatever. If your not a very high level and you wish to hunt larva, use traps to kill the larva. ( Takes 1-3 tries I believe. )

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