Making items on GM

What is the command for making an item?
/i (itemid) (count)

Well there are two types of items: Stackable and Non-Stackable
Stackable items can stack on top of each other(gold coins) and Non-Stackable items cannot(a sword). *note the count really only matters on a stackable item.

Creating a Stackable item:
/i 2148 100
100 is the amount that you will create, so in this case I would make 100 gold coins.

Creating a Non-Stackable item:
/i 2378 1
With this command you will make 1 sword. *note if you put any number (2-100) it will still only make 1.

What about runes?

Well creating runes is the same as almost everything but this is what it should be:
/i (itemid) (charges)

If you would want to make a Hmm with 10 charges you would do this command:
/i 2311 10
Like I said this will make a Hmm with 10 charges. Replace the end number with (1-100) to make that rune with that amount of charges.

I can’t make a manafluid, help me!

Well this is almost like making any item.
Lets say you want to me a manafluid, you would do this command:
/i 2006 7
It took me a while to figure this out but I think it goes up to like /i 2006 20 *note if you go up that high, the vials and what is inside them with repeat.

*note based on YurOTS 0.9.4d, which is a 7.6 server

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