Easy way to make a restarter

k this is a walk thorough of how to make a nice bat restarter for your server.

First step: Open a notepad.

Second Step:in the first line in the notepad add this line "@echo off"

Step Three: if you want you can add like my restarter after "@echo"

Step Four: jump 2-3 lines and add this ":Demon"

Step Five: go down one line and add this @"here goes your exe" but oviously change the "here goes your exe to the name of your exe line neverland.exe or yurots.exe.

Step Six: go down and write this @echo Sorry it crashed man restarting now!!. . .

Step Seven: now under add :goto Demon.

Step Eight.: skip 1-2 lines and add this line ":exit

Step Nine: Skip 1-2 lines again and write "@pause"

Step Ten: Now go file/save as and save it in your ot files folder and it should save like something similar to this: yurots.bat or neverland.bat.

At the end it should look like something like this

@echo off

@echo Sorry it crashed man restarting now!!. . .
:goto Demon



and saved in the ot files folder like what ever your exe is but exename.bat
And Tata you have a restarter for your own. do this as much as you want for files and they will restart.

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