How to become a good mapper

Hi all,

I am sure most of you are already good mappers, but heres a tutorial to become a better mapper!

First heres what you gotta do. In any section there are many different types of tiles/grounds etc. so you probably won’t memorize them all by I.D. What I did was I kept guessing the area of the water and other important tiles or buildings. There is a little scroll bar between the sections and the place you make your map, I use that as a reference point to find my tiles/grounds etc.

Another known problem is the fact that if your server has a mapper, and every time you send him the map and he sends it back, it won’t show the spawns. This is caused by many things. 1 is that your spawn file could not be in the same folder of the map.
The 2nd problem is that you need your map editor in the same folder as you map and spawn file, or else it will not read the spawn file. Also make sure that in the “View” section, that show spawns and monsters are checked off.

Often the spawn file will be deleted if you edit the map while having the spawn file open.

Often, players forget to add the needed part to go up and down ladders. If you do, expect a noob/player to beg for a teleport (or to help him find another way out). If you make stairs to close to a wall, the character will get stuck into the wall, possibly causing a server crash.

Heres what I forgot:

How to add spawns: All you gotta do is click on the red square, or L and backwards L and place the spawn placer. Then you go into the monster section of the materials and place monsters.

How to place protection zones: Click the green box next to the spawn box, but you must place 1 pz tile at a time.

How to copy/paste maps: First, push the “R” key to select the copy tool, then push the copy tool 2 options over from the black square. Then right click to paste.

I hope this tutorial has helped you become a better mapper!

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