How to make conjured items

k so here it is… We are going to use a Conjure Backpack spell

Write this in the “spells.xml”:

<spell name=”Conjure backpack” words=”adori bp” maglv=”2” mana=”20” enabled=”1”><vocation id=”1” /><vocation id=”2” /><vocation id=”3” /><vocation id=”4” /><vocation id=”5” /></spell>

Now in the places I bolded You want to change.
Conjure Backpack – Thats the Name of the spell… so if you want to change the name do so here.
Adori Bp – Thats the casting words
maglv=”2” Thats the required magic level to use
mana=”20” – Thats the mana is takes to use
Now if you want the spell for specific vocs just edit out the italic’d areas
voc id 1 – Sorc
voc id 2 – Druid
voc id 3 – Pally
voc id 4 – Knight
voc id 5 – I believe is no vocation

Now go in to “instant”,
make a new .xml document *Make sure that you also rename the new .xml file to “adori bp”*and write this into it:

function onCast(cid, creaturePos, level, maglv, var)
n = makeArrows(cid,2792,1);
return n

Now the part that is bolded here im just going to say the number it says since there are only 2 parts you have to change
2792—> That is the item ID… so you can change that
1—> If the item is stackable ( eg rocks/money/snowballs…) then change this number ( up to 100 ) to the amount you want them to get… but if it isnt a stackable item.. then dont change that…

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