How to start Tibia 7.5 server

You must, first of all, start downloading a nice server. I suggest YurOTS or grimmed server
This tutorial is based on YurOTS though, so I suggest you download that one.

Now, the first step;
1. Download the server. (You must be a member to enter the downloads.)
This Step is kinda explaining itself, you download the server and extract it with WinRAR. (Download it at

2.Now that you’ve downloaded and extracted your server, browse to the place you extracted it to. This is what you’ll see (you’ll want to be in the OTS folder):

I’ll give a little explanation of every thing displayed here.
1. This is the data folder, containing all player files, account files and other scripts needed to run your server.
2. In here is the documentation (readme and stuff).
3. Well, I don’t know anything about this actually .
4. This is the config.lua file, it contains the server configuration (such as where the map is located and what’s your ip.)
5. These are dll files needed to run the server and the tibia.dat. DON’T CHANGE OR DELETE ANYTHING OF THIS.
6. This is the .exe file needed to start your server.

3. Now you know everything you need to know about the OTS folder, next is; the data folder. Open it and this is what you see:

Again, a little explanation would be nice wouldn’t it?
1. This contains all account files. They are named in the form of number.xml
2. This contains the file actions.xml, which says to which action.lua file each item leads, and the action scripts which actually makes, for an example, doors work.
3. In here are the files of all houses. You don’t need to change these for they are allready good as they are in the yurots map.
4. This contains the items.xml file, giving all item id’s. DON’T CHANGE THESE EXCEPT WHEN YOU GOT A REASON AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING.
5. This contains all monster.xml files, telling the looktypes mana and other stuff such as attacks and loot.
6. In here are the NPC.xml and NPC.lua files. The .xml files refer to the .lua files and have got some extra information such as how the npc looks.
7. In here are the player.xml files.
8. In here are all spell scripts.
9. In here are the VIP lists of all characters.
10. The map file is in here.
11. This contains all commands. DON’T CHANGE THIS.
12. This contains the guilds, which are created at the “Guild Master”.
13. In here, it says what houses contain what items on what spots.
14. This is another file for houses. You don’t need to change this.
15. This contains the codes for the PVParena. Don’t change this for they’re already set.
16. This is the file for the waiting queue.
17. In this files all signs with text are listed with what they say.
18. This file says which monsters can be summoned for what mana. If you want you can change the mana rates a bit or add some monsters, but only do this if you understand it a bit…

4. Well wasn’t it nice to know that? Let’s get back one folder, to the OTS folder. Our next step is opening the config.lua. This is what you’ll see:

Code:——————————————OTServ configuration———————————————
datadir = “data/”
//doesn’t need to be changed in this tutorial.
—sets what map to load
mapfile = “data/world/test.otx”
//doesn’t need to be changed in this tutorial.
—the message the player gets when he logs in
loginmsg = “Welcome to YurOTS.”
//A welcome message you want people to see on log in, change this to a nice catchy sentence and people will maybe start liking it ^^.
—the port otserv listens on
port = “7171”
//doesn’t need to be changed in this tutorial.
—name of our server
servername = “YurOTS”
//The name of your server. Think of something catchy to make people feel attracted to it.
—name of the owner of our server
ownername = “Yurez”
//Your (nickname)
—email of the owner of our server
owneremail = “”
//If you want to tell, Your email.
—the url for more server info
url = “”
//A website (for example, an aac if you create one.0
—the location of the server
location = “Poland”
//Your location.
—the ip the server should redirect too
ip = “”
//Very important. Go to and check what your ip is. Fill it in here.
—The messagebox you sometimes get before you choose characters
motd = “Welcome to YurOTS”
//Your message of the day. Think of something nice here.
—use md5 passwords for accounts, yes/no
md5passwords = “no”
//If you want to encrypt your passwords with md5… You’ll have to decide this for yourself.
—world type. options: pvp, no-pvp, pvp-enforced
worldtype = “pvp”
//Fill in “pvp” if your server will have pvp enabled, “no-pvp” if you don’t want to have fighting people everywhere :P, and “pvp-enforced” for total chaos ;).
—max number of players allowed
maxplayers = “30”
//The player limit you want in your server, the higher the system specs of your PC, and the better the internet connection, the higher you can go here.
—exhausted time in ms (1000 = 1sec)
exhausted = 2000
//The time you want exhaustion to stay. (I advise 1000=1second here)
—exhaustion time for healing spells (1000 = 1sec)
exhaustedheal = 1000
//The exhaustion time on healing spells.
—how many ms to add if the player is already exhausted and tries to cast a spell (1000 = 1sec)
exhaustedadd = 300
//I advise to put 0 here, this is how much exhaustion is added if a player tries casting a spell while exhausted.
—how long does the player has to stay out of fight to get pz unlocked in ms (1000 = 1sec)
pzlocked = 10*1000
//Explains itself…
—allow multiple logins of the same char
allowclones = 0
//Put 1 if you want multiple logins to be allowed, put 0 if not.
—vocation names
vocations = {“a sorcerer”, “a druid”, “a paladin”, “a knight”}
promoted_vocations = {“a master sorcerer”, “an elder druid”, “a royal paladin”, “an elite knight”}
//doesn’t need to be changed in this tutorial.
—- SQL part
sql_host = “localhost”
sql_user = “root”
sql_pass = “”
sql_db = “otserv”
//doesn’t need to be changed in this tutorial.
—- SQL MAP part
sqlmap = “test_map”
map_host = “localhost”
map_user = “root”
map_pass = “”
map_db = “”
//doesn’t need to be changed in this tutorial.——————————————YurOTS configuration————————————————how often do server saves it’s state (0 = off, 5 = 5min, 60 = hour)
autosave = 5
//Explains itself.
—experience multiplier (how much faster you got exp from monsters)
expmul = 10
//The xp multiplier, 10x means you have 10x normal tibia’s experience (this means you’ll get 180 exp from a wolf.)
—experience multiplier for pvp-enforced (how much faster you got exp from players)
expmulpvp = 2
//Explains itself.
—skill multipliers: 1 – rl tibia, 10 – ten times faster etc. {no-voc, sorcerer, druid, paladin, knight}
weaponmul = {“1”, “1”, “1”, “1”, “40”}
distmul = {“1”, “1”, “1”, “40”, “1”}
shieldmul = {“1”, “1”, “1”, “20”, “20”}
manamul = {“1”, “2”, “2”, “2”, “2”}
//The times you want your voc’s to increase the leveling up in skills. The “weaponmul = {“1”, “1”, “1”, “1”, “40”}” means no-voc, sorcs, druids, and paladins have normal club, axe, fist, and sword advance, and knights have a 40x normal tibia.
—how much points of life,mana,cap do you get when advancing {no-voc, sorcerer, druid, paladin, knight}
capgain = {“10”, “10”, “10”, “20”, “25”}
managain = {“5”, “30”, “30”, “15”, “5”}
hpgain = {“5”, “5”, “5”, “10”, “15”}
//Explains itself.
—how much faster do you recovery life,mana after eating food (1 – rl tibia)
healthtickmul = 5
manatickmul = 5
//Explains itself.
—do you want to enable cap system (yes/no)
capsystem = “no”
//Yes if you want a cap limit, No if not.
—do you want players to learn spells before they can use them (yes/no)
learnspells = “no”
//Yes to enable learn spell, no to disable.
—how much % of exp/skills/stuff do you lose when dying
diepercent = 7
//Explains itself.
—how many summons player can have
maxsummons = 2
//Explains itself.
—do you want to give summons for all vocations (yes/no)
summonsallvoc = “no”
//Explains itself.
—chance of losing a spear when shot (0 – none lost, 100000 – all lost)
spearlosechance = 50
//Explains itself.
—anti-afk – maximum idle time to kick player (1 = 1min)
kicktime = 15
//Explains itself.
—how many unjustified kills to get a red skull
redunjust = 3
//Explains itself
—how many unjustified kills to get banned
banunjust = 6
//Explains itself
—how long do you have white skull after killing player (1 = 1min)
whitetime = 15
//Explains itself
—how long do you have red skull (1 = 1min)
redtime = 6*60
//Explains itself
—how long do you have to wait to lose 1 unjustified kill (1 = 1min)
fragtime = 12*60
//Explains itself
—damage of burst arrows blast—default is from (1*lvl+5*mlvl)*0.24 to (1*lvl+5*mlvl)*0.55
burstarrowdmg = {“1.0”, “5.0”, “0.24”, “0.55”}
//The 1.0, 5.0, 0.24 and 0.55 are the numbers you see above. This means that a lvl 30 with mlvl 40 would do:
Mindamage: (1*30+5*40)*0.24 = 55.2 and maxdamage: (1*30+5*40)*0.55=126.5
Maybe you want to tweak this a bit.

Everything behind the ”//” are notes by me, this is what I have to tell about it. Read it carefully and follow my instructions where needed.

5. So far the config.lua. Save it and close it. We’ll need to go to data/accounts now.
We’re in the accounts folder. This is what you see:

Indeed, one mere file called 111111.xml.
Let’s open it and see what’s in then, well this is:


<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<account pass=”tibia” type=”1” premDays=”15”>
<character name=”GM Yurez” />
<character name=”Yurez” />

</account>Okay, now we’re going to this line:


<character name=”GM Yurez” />
<character name=”Yurez” /

>and We’ll delete this part:


<character name=”Yurez” />

Well, now we edit the


<character name=”GM Yurez” />



<character name=”{C}” />

Let’s return a bit, to this line:


<account pass=”tibia” type=”1” premDays=”15”>

We’ll change it to


<account pass=”{B}” type=”1” premDays=”15”>Close it, after saving it, and change the name of 111111.xml

to {A}.xml

6. That’s the account folder. Go back one level to the data folder, and enter the players folder.
This is what you’ll see:

So we’re here with 2 files, GM Yurez.xml, and Yurez.xml.
We’ll start by deleting the second, Yurez.xml.
This leaves us with GM Yurez.xml. Try opening it.
You see this code:


<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<player name=”GM Yurez” account=”111111” sex=”1” lookdir=”3” exp=”8585325” voc=”0” level=”100” access=”1” cap=”0” maglevel=”300” lastlogin=”1130408456” promoted=”0” banned=”0”><spawn x=”98” y=”210” z=”6”/><temple x=”160” y=”54” z=”7”/><skull type=”0” kills=”0” ticks=”0” absolve=”0”/><health now=”900000” max=”900000” food=”1000”/><mana now=”4375” max=”8000” spent=”3260”/><look type=”75” head=”0” body=”95” legs=”0” feet=”95”/><skills><skill skillid=”0” level=”2070” tries=”0”/><skill skillid=”1” level=”2000” tries=”0”/><skill skillid=”2” level=”2225” tries=”0”/><skill skillid=”3” level=”2000” tries=”0”/><skill skillid=”4” level=”2000” tries=”0”/><skill skillid=”5” level=”2000” tries=”0”/><skill skillid=”6” level=”2000” tries=”0”/></skills><spells/><inventory><slot slotid=”1”><item id=”3303”/></slot><slot slotid=”2”><item id=”2995”/></slot><slot slotid=”3”><item id=”2792”><inside><item id=”2981” count=”81”/><item id=”2973” count=”76”/><item id=”2969” count=”50”/><item id=”2991” time=”452000”/></inside></item></slot><slot slotid=”4”><item id=”3298”/></slot><slot slotid=”6”><item id=”3216”/></slot><slot slotid=”7”><item id=”3339”/></slot><slot slotid=”8”><item id=”3017”/></slot><slot slotid=”10”><item id=”2969” count=”50”/></slot></inventory><depots><depot depotid=”5”><item id=”3436”/></depot><depot depotid=”4”><item id=”3436”/></depot><depot depotid=”3”><item id=”3436”/></depot><depot depotid=”2”><item id=”3436”/></depot><depot depotid=”1”><item id=”3436”><inside><item id=”3338”/><item id=”3360”/><item id=”3226”/><item id=”3121” count=”7”/><item id=”2941”/><item id=”3395”/><item id=”3219”/><item id=”2812” count=”7”/><item id=”2812” count=”7”/><item id=”2812” count=”7”/><item id=”2812” count=”7”/><item id=”2812” count=”7”/><item id=”2812” count=”7”/><item id=”3331”/><item id=”3017”/><item id=”2367”/><item id=”2370”/><item id=”2981” count=”60”/></inside></item></depot></depots><storage/></player>

Indeed, that’s a lot, but fortunately we only need the first part, this part:


<player name=”GM Yurez” account=”111111” sex=”1” lookdir=”3” exp=”8585325” voc=”0” level=”100” access=”1”

Well, what to do. First of all we change


<player name=”GM Yurez”



<player name=”{C}”

Now change






Maybe you want to change.






If you’re female though. And maybe you want to set your



To something higher, such as



If you do this, you’ll be able to create scripts which you can use, but acces 1 can’t.
Well, if you’d be so kind to save the file and close it…
Now we’ll rename the file GM Yurez, to {C}.

Anything else we need to change? Well, not right now! Congratiolations, you’re ready to go back 2 levels and run YurOTS.exe. (Number 6 on first image)
you’re done, all you need to do is connect to ip and log in, now you’re running around on your own server!

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