How to make quests

Ok. A lot of ppl need it so here it is:

step 1) first go to actions.xml you can find in data—>actions——>actions.xml
open with noteped and go to the down of the page and copy this line:
<action itemid=”6666” script=”chest.lua” />

step 2) go to chest.lua you can find on: -data—>actions——>scripts——->chest.lua and open with noteped.
go to the down and copy thet:
—BOH Quest
elseif item.uid 6666 then
queststatus = getPlayerStorageValue(cid,6666)
if queststatus -1 then
if getPlayerLevel(cid) >= 60 then
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,22,”You have found BOH.”)
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,22,”You need level 60 to get prize.”)
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,22,”It is empty.”)

UID number.
the numebr of the times you get the prize, verry importent to do it ”-1”
the min lvl you can get the prize.
the msg you get when you get the prize.
the id of the item (the prize)

that was a BOH quest. now go to Map Editor and go to 1 quest, right click on the chest and “select” now go to anywhere and put the chest. do right click and on the “UID number” write 6666. on the ather 1 (forgat what his name) write 3017 (boh’s id number) and save. thet’s all you need to do.

By the way you can find all of the id’s on -data—>items—->items.xml

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