Make PVP arena

the first thing you need to do is go to youre server folder > data > pvparena(s).xml

open it: then you will see something like this:

<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<pvparena exitx=”213” exity=”119” exitz=”7”>
<!—if you are changing this change also lever.lua—>
<tile x=”207” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”208” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”209” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”210” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”211” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”212” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”213” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”214” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”215” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”216” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”217” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”218” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”219” y=”123” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”207” y=”124” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”208” y=”124” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”209” y=”124” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”210” y=”124” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”211” y=”124” z=”7”/>
<tile x=”212” y=”124” z=”7”/>

<pvparena exitx=”213” exity=”119” exitz=”7”> this is the exit of ur pvp arena so, when you killed some1 he goes to that point.

<tile x=”212” y=”124” z=”7”/> those are the tiles in ur pvp arena, place all tiles of your pvp arena in here.
if you try to start your server now and he won’t load try something like </pvparenas>
or something.

now your pvp arena is ready , you only need to make a switch (not necaserry)

data > actions > scripts , if you don’t have a leverarena.lua or something like that make a new .lua

add this:
—pvp arena lever

function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos)

if item.uid 7005 and item.itemid 1945 then
player1pos = {x=205, y=126, z=7, stackpos=253}
player1 = getThingfromPos(player1pos)

player2pos = {x=221, y=126, z=7, stackpos=253}
player2 = getThingfromPos(player2pos)

if player1.itemid > 0 and player2.itemid > 0 then
arenalevel = 50
player1level = getPlayerLevel(player1.uid)
player2level = getPlayerLevel(player2.uid)

if player1level >= arenalevel and player2level >= arenalevel then
for arenax = 172,180 do
for arenay = 541,549 do
arenapos = {x=arenax, y=arenay, z=7, stackpos=253}
arenacreature = getThingfromPos(arenapos)

if arenacreature.itemid > 2 then
doPlayerSendCancel(cid,”Wait for current duel to end.”)
return 1

nplayer1pos = {x=209, y=126, z=7}
nplayer2pos = {x=218, y=126, z=7}




doPlayerSendCancel(cid,”Both fighters must be level 50.”)
doPlayerSendCancel(cid,”You need 2 players for a duel.”)
return 0

return 1

player1pos = {x=205, y=126, z=7, stackpos=253} positions of the players where they need to stand to get teleported. change player2pos to.

arenalevel= ... here the level you want.
i think that’s all you need.

the last thing to do is go to data > actions > actions.xml

<action uniqueid =”7005” script=”leverarena.lua” />
<action itemid=”1945” script=”leverarena.lua” />

add this 2 in the list , i forget which ,just try :P

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