How to make a god char

1) Open up your server Logon and make character called God Ugabuga Or whatever you’d like to name your GOD.

2) Close your server

3) Go to your server go to Data>> Players and then click “edit” with your character.

4) If you scroll across abit, you should see something Called ACCESS change it to 3. So it should look something like this

<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<player name=”God Matty” account=”125896” sex=”1” lookdir=”2” exp=”3921580356702” voc=”1” level=”6175” access=”3” I only did up to Access.

4) Save your changes

5) Run your server and you should be able to summon an Item, Lets try demon armor /i 2494 1

6) If that works your God character is complete.

P.S If you want to look like a gm, change your body type 75 head 75 body 75 legs 75 feet 75.

That will give you the purple outfit.

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