Creating houses on OTS - YurOTS 9.3

Ok, so, I figured I’d write this guide to help those having trouble creating houses. I’m basing this on YurOTS 9.3, so, if this doesn’t work for you, your problem, not mine. Ok then, so, say you’ve got your 1337 house built on it’s own seperateisland with a teleporter set up to take you there, how in hell do you make it so that only you can go in there? Simple enough. I’ll explain it in this walkthrough/tutorial.

First, we set the frontdoor of the house. I tend to go into ots>Data>Houses and then opening up any of the existing houses. For example, I might open Bamboo Camp I. On my screen it comes up with

<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<house><frontdoor x=”181” y=”104”

z=”7”/><owner name=””/></house>

I then change the “frontdoor” to wherever the frontdoor on my new house is, change owner to myself or whoever is meant to own it, if no-one is meant to own it, don’t change what is in there. Once you’ve got that done, File>Save as>House Name.xml(for example, I named my house “Mitch’s Joint.xml”) and set the File Format to “All Files”.

Your next step is to go into ots>data>houses.xml. Like in last step, I find it easier to take an already existing house, and Copy+Paste it into another section of the houses.xml. It’s just easier than starting from scratch. (Tip:Have the map editor open the whole time your editing houses so you can find the co-ordinates of everything you need quickly.)

So, you should copy and paste a whole house out of the houses.xml into a seperate line. For instance, you COPY, NOT CUT, and PASTE, otherwise, you fuck up the house you CUT, instead of COPYING. DO NOT CUT OR THE HOUSE YOU CUT WILL GET F’D IN THE A.

<house name=”Great Street III”>
<tiles fromx=”155” fromy=”29” fromz=”7” tox=”159” toy=”32”

You then turn the NEW one into your new edited house. Replace “Mitch’s Joint” with whatever your new house’s name is.

<house name=”Mitch’s Joint”>
<tiles fromx=”155” fromy=”29” fromz=”7” tox=”159” toy=”32”


Now, in your map editor(I use Simones, does another one exist?) find the top corner of your house, including walls, and put the X,Y,Z co-ordinates in the fromx, fromy, fromz positions, replacing what’s already there. For me, I have

<house name=”Mitch’s Joint”>
<tiles fromx=”136” fromy=”28” fromz=”7” tox=”140” toy=”36”


Got a two story house? That’s fine, just COPY and paste

<tiles fromx=”136” fromy=”28” fromz=”7” tox=”140” toy=”36”


And edit the XYZ co-ordinates to whatever the new ones are, for me it only changes the two “Z” co-ordinates to “6” instead of “7”
So now you have

<house name=”Mitch’s Joint”>
<tiles fromx=”136” fromy=”28” fromz=”7” tox=”140” toy=”36” toz=”7”/>
<tiles fromx=”136” fromy=”28” fromz=”6” tox=”140” toy=”36” toz=”6”/>

Then, SAVE, not SAVE AS, the file, and voila, your first house coded is as complicated as that.
BUT, if your house isn’t square, you’re going to wish you made it square. Don’t worry, it isn’t too much more complicated.
Well, I’m going to assume this is your house.

Notice how I was nice enough to put the co-ordinates of THREE seperate little squares in this house? You’ll thank me for it.

Moving on, assuming that is your house and your house is called “Mitch’s Joint”, you need to do this.

<house name=”Mitch’s Joint”>
<tiles fromx=”22” fromy=”23” fromz=”7” tox=”28” toy=”31” toz=”7”/>
<tiles fromx=”29” fromy=”22” fromz=”7” tox=”33” toy=”26” toz=”7”/>
<tiles fromx=”34” fromy=”22” fromz=”7” tox=”39” toy=”31” toz=”7”/>

Notice all of these co-ordinates have a “Z” co-ordinate of 7, meaning they’re all on the same floor. This is honestly the easiest way to make a non-square house, and I guarantee it works for YurOTS 9.3.

Have fun making your houses all :) Greets from Australia.

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