Easy Way To Put Custom Monsters On Your Editor

1: Open the map editor, and find a monster, or a blank place in others that is not in use. (Take down the numbers you want to use.) I recommend starting with the white human figures in the monster section.

2: Close the map editor

3: Now open the items.xml (in the map editor folder), And in the items xml. You will have stuff like this. go to the bottom. And just create your custom monster like this. Lets say the number that was blank/unused monster was 5000

It would look l ike this:

NOTE: If you use a monster already there (i.e Sheep/butterfly/Etc) MAKE SURE YOU GET RID OF THE PART IN ITEMS.XML THAT HAS THE MONSTER YOU USED
Also make sure you didn’t replace a monster thats in your map in places, with a boss without first deleting the spawns of it. (i.e You have a sheep spawn in your map already and you replace it with a boss, and the boss would be running all over in place of the sheep)

4: Reopen your editor having done all that, and go to the number that you replaced as your custom monster. (If its a blank space it might not be visible when you place it in a spawn, make sure you put the red spawn thing down, so you can place it) I recommend using monsters you can see, or ones not in use, (The white human outfits) And then you just save it. You place your custom monster just like you would place a regular one. But using the number and outfit that you have assigned i t. I hope this helps. Because IT DOES work.

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