How to use Tibiamovie for OT (7.6)

1) The 7.6 Tibia client (I suggest you try
2) Tibiamovie 0.3.3 (The only safe download-location there is, is

1 Time changes:
1)Add Host Port 7171 behind Tibia.exe", at the end of your client’s shortcut’s properties
2) Extract the installation file and install Tibiamovie in the same file as your 7.6 client

Steps taken when recording the movie:

1) Start tibia.exe (from the shortcut) \\ DO NOT START THE IPCHANGER
2) Start Tibiamovie.exe
3) Press ‘Activate’ on tibiamovie
4) Press ‘Record’ on tibiamovie
5) Scroll down the now available window and select ‘choose custom server’
6) Select the server you want to record your movie on (IP of the server)
7) Press ’...’ on tibiamovie (next to the record button)
8) Select the same folder your 7.6 client is in and choose a name for the about-to-be-created .tmv

9) Log in with your account nm. and password

The big deal:
The mistake that many have made is the fact that the Ipchanger overrules tibiamovie. What I accidently stumbled upon is that when you select a custom server on tibiamovie, tibiamovie actually makes you connect to that server.

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