Special monster spawns


1. First open your map editor, and open the map file you use in your server.

2. Find a monster that you DONT use in your map. Make sure you do not use a monster that you use in your map, or you will go through some more trouble later on.
~I’ll use a Butterfly.

3. Now find the place where you want to place your boss monster and put the creature there in your map editor.
~I want to replace the Demons in the Anni with Orshabaals, so I am going to delete the demon in the spawns right now and replace them with Butterflys.

4. Now if you’re done placing the spawns where you want your boss monsters, you want to save your work and you can close out the map editor.
~Saved and closed.

5. Now go into your server folder and go into the “world” folder
~Goes into world folder.

6. Now open the xxxx-spawn.xml with notepad or wordpad, or whatever you use. The xxxx is the variable, meaning that the name of your map will decide what that says… Such as the default for most is test-spawn.xml
~So I open the test-spawn.xml with notepad.

7. Now you scroll all the way through the list and look for where your monster that you chose to use as your “Dummy”
~Since I chose the butterfly, I scroll through and look for the butterfly spawn.

Note: Normally after you create a whole new spawn, the monster spawn will end up at the bottom of the list.

8. Now that you’ve found your “Dummy” monster, you can replace the name that you have there with the moster you want to spawn there.
~So I am going to replace my butterfly name with orshabaal.

9. Now all you have to do is save it and you’re done. You now have a special monster spawn.

Note: Everytime you edit your map, you MUST redo all special monster spawn, or “Boss” monster spawns.

Also, as I said this is not the only way to do this, its just the easiest way to.

Best things to use as your default: Skunk, Badger, or Butterfly (Least used monsters)

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