Account Maker and Router

First Log on your router.. Go to the virtual serv(dunno of other routers) to portforward use 3306, 3306 TCP Local ip
Another one: 3306, 3306, UDC Local ip
And then : 80 , 80 , TCP local ip
and…........: 80 , 80 , UDC Local Ip

And.. Download xampplite, config.php, Add.php , xml.php , and newacc.php (These are the ones I have and they do work ;) )
Setup xampp then put the phps~ in Htdocs
Ok then change in Config, The maps where account and player has to stand
then go to Xml.php Change The maps 2x (players, Accounts)
Then Setup xampp (it does everything by itself) open Xampp_Start(ALWAYS CLOSE IT WITH XAMPP_STOP!) then go to then close that window and go to your site http://YourIP/add.php

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