Tibia Account Maker

Firstly: We need an Xampp package. This can be found at


Install the package to your desktop, agree to the licenses, and ur done with this step.

Step Two: Open the "htdocs" folder inside of the Xampp folder. Delete both index.htm and index.php. Doing so will keep you from seeing the Xampp page every time u run Xampp.

Step Three: Go back to the first Xampp folder, and run setup_xampp.bat.
When it finishes setting up, you will a msg such as "Press any key to continue". Do so, and the black box will disappear.

Step four: Now we need the AAC files. I reccomend Nicaw’s AAC with highscores, but you can use ANY AAC files, they all run the same way.
For Nicaw’s files, go to http://rapidshare.de/files/23365048/....4.tar.gz.html
For an easy AAC, go to http://rapidshare.de/files/22723779/accmaker.rar.html
After downloading these, open the files in Winzip or WinRAR, and put ALL the files (NOT the folder containing the files, but the ACTUAL FILES) into htdocs folder.

Step Five: Now it’s time to see if your ACC Page worked. Go back to the xampp folder, and run xampp_start.exe. A black window will pop up, and if it worked right, a msg will appear saying

APACHE + MYSQL IS STARTING NOW. NOTE TO USER: DO NOT CLOSE XAMPP MANUALLY, USE THE XAMPP_STOP.EXE ICON. If you dont, this will possibly crash ur xampp database, making it unuseable!

Now go to http://localhost, and ur AAC Page should appear.

Step Six: Now we port forward. Most would leave this step to loas, but I don’t, and the way I did it worked for me, so yeah. If you don’t have a router, skip steps 6-7.

Go to Start=>run, and type in command or cmd. Then when the black window pops up, type in ipconfig/all. Scroll down to where it says something to the extent of "IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :"

and write this number down. You will need it for later. Now where it says "Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :".... this is the number needed to access your router. Copy that number down too, then open ur internet browser and type that number in. It will ask for username and password, default is admin/admin. If all went well, you will see your router page.

Step Seven: Note that this step may be different for different router types). Now that we’re at the router page, go to "Advanced" section, then click on "Forwarding". For the program name, type in Apache. For the port, type in 80 to 80. Enable UDP and TCP. For the IP, use the IP Addres you wrote down earlier (the one like then click enable, and click apply settings. Now go back to the forwarding page, type in Apache2 as the program name, and put port 443 to 443, UDP and TCP enabled, put in the ip again, and click apply. There! You just forwarded ports for Xampp!

Step Eight: Now we configure our AAC. If you are using Nicaw’s, this is very easy. If you are using a regular AAC, igts also, very easy.

For Nicaw’s Go to the htdocs folder located inside of the Xampp folder, and find config.php. Open it in wordpad or notepad. do cntrl + f, and type in "//Location of data directory" without the quotes. Where it says "$dirdata" put the location of the data folder from your server there. It should look similiar to this: C:/YurOTS STF Edition/data/ but it should be YOUR data directory, not mine. Remember to put the / at the end of the directory.

Now we configure temple spawn location. Do cntrl + f again, and type in "$temple = array" without the quotes. Type in the x, y, z of your temple coordinates there.

Now we Configure starting skills and eqs. You will need an item id list for this, it can be found here: http://rapidshare.de/files/25063643/...m_Ids.zip.html

Do cntrl + f again, and type in "$health[SORCERER] = ‘195’;", without the quotes. Set these numbers to the health, mana, magic level, and capacity, you want the character "sorcerer" to start out with. The rest of the configuration is self explanatory, above the "eqs" section there is "helm, amul, bp, armor, rght, left, legs, boot, ring, ammo", below that is the item id input for each, make sure you have them lined up right, and in the right order, or else you might have a crossbow where ur helmet goes .

For OTHER AAC’s the ssteps are the same, except you need to put in your accounts, players, and vips directories in seperately, and instead of "C:/YurOTS/data", it will look more like "C:\\YurOTS\\data/" with double backslahes before every folder, and a regular slash at the end. REMEMBER! THAT SLASH AT THE END IS NEEDED! If you fail to put it, the players, and accounts files will show up in your data directory, and will be labled similiar to "Gihow123456".

Step Nine: Now we run xampp using xampp_start.exe, go to http://localhost, make sure all the functions work fine, and if they do, you now have a working AAC Page!

For people to connect to your acc page, they need to type in http://youriphere/index.php
"youriphere" is YOUR "global" IP address… if ur using a no-ip redirect, then thats what they should put. To find out your global IP address, go to www.whatismyp.com

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