Port Forwarding

Step One:
http://www.whatismyip.com—>> Write your ip down for future reference.

Step Two:—>> There should pop up a login screen.

You can try most of the following and one of them works most of the time

Step Three:
Now that you are logged in, if yours is like mine it should show something like this
Click Here

Step Four: You should see something like, Create new port, or as mine says Add Custom Service.
Click Here

Once you click it, then make sure its TCP, and port forward
Name: Tibia

Starting Port: 7171
Ending Port: 7171

Name: Apache
Starting Port: 80
Ending Port: 80

Name: MySQL
Starting Port: 3306
Ending Port: 3306

Then all you do, is launch xampp_start and goto your ip that i had you detail earlier, and put /index.php on end, EXAMPLE: if your ip was 222.555.12 you would type

Also, so that people cannot hack into your ip and ruin your server, it is highly suggested to goto www.no-ip.com and make yourself a no-ip voi ip.

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