How to make a 7.6 Ot

Logging Into A 7.6 Server.

1.) Well first make sure you have the newest client of tibia (7.6 apparently)
2.) Unlike a 7.5 client 7.6 requires what is called an ip-changer.Download it here (I use leet_ip, its easier)
3).Now your gunan need an extractor download that here
4.)Now go to where you saved your ip changers, right click , and press “Extract here”( The icon should look like stacked books and after its extracted it should create a folder)
5.) Now open up the one that says “Leet_ip” (Or the other one if you would like)
6.)Input the ip address of the server you wish to log into and the port click “Add” and it should show up on the list underneath it. Now you can check of the server is online by clicking “Check Server” (apparently lol) If it is green your ready to go. Unlike 7.5 clients you don’t need to go tibia/properties/target, just forget all about that.
7.) Open your tibia and go to option/network/ and check “Test Server Login”
8.) Now go back to your ip changer and click “Change ip address and port”
9.) Gratz you did it, if i explained it right you should be able to log into the ot that you wanted.

(Ps: Dont close the ip changer it must run to be on the 7.6 ot’s.


How to make a 7.6 Open Tibia Server

1.) Apparently you must have the 7.6 tibia client
2.) Download which server you would liek to use (yurOTs, Neverland, Ghettobladers, etc.) [I would recommend that if you are a beginner use yurOTs because other servers seem to crash alot. ] there used to be a link where you could get them but they deleted it :( so you have to search it.
3.) Well now that you have downloaded the server of your choice what you need to do is extract it.
4.) After that go into the folder and click it a couple of times and you should see a icon thingie that says “Config.lua” there you can change many aspects of your server such as name, experience loss, Etc. Open it up with wordpad or notepad if the computer does not do it itself.
5.) Go down “Config.Lua” and look for something that says “Ip address should redirect to blablabla” there you should insert your ip address. Not sure what your ip adress is go to and it should tell you. Save the document.
6.) Congrats your server is premade apparently and you can log in it already just go inside you server folder and go to data/players and it should say the players which exist on the server.Right click it and open it (notepad/wordpad) it should say account password somewhere in it. Now memorize it for now. In most cases its 111111/tibia .
7.) Go back into your server folder which has a icon that should resemble some kind of picture it should say “exe.file.” Double click and it should open a black box wait until it says “Blank Server running!” now you should be able to log into your server.
8.)Put your ip into your ip changer (Directions above) and log into it like any other server.
9.) After you put the account number and password you memorized in it should load the character list.
10.) Gratz! you made your own open tibia server.

(once again you must leave open the server exe. or the server will not be up)

How to create characters.

Well you have your server but you have no clue how to make characters..

I Dont know how anybody else does it but I…

1.) Go to players and copy one of the premade characters in the folder (Not a Gm) and i right click and press “Copy”
2.) Than i right click next to it and press “paste”
3.) I rename it “New Character”
4.)I right click it and press edit
5.)I change all aspects of him such as weapons, armor etc, and change his level/exp once im done i usually make about 10 copies of the player as like a “Base Player” so when people ask for accounts i just have to change the name of the player the account number and password.
Questions: Q.Ok how do i put weapoins and items on characters?
A. Right click press edit and you should see a whole bunch of id’s (A four or five number code usually) now yo back into your server folder and you should open it up into data or whatever and it should say id’s (maybe items) (If you dont know just ask me and ill gladly tell you) Well anyways it will have the item and also the id number of it so you just replace the old id with the new one it should say 1 one or 2 and i think like 1 is helmet not sure about the rest though.

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